Tropical Hardwoods for Kiln Drying Lumber by Global Energy

Tropical Hardwoods


Also known as the King of Woods, Teak is amongst the most precious in the world. Naturally rich in oils, its color is golden to dark brown, sometimes reddish brown. It is easily worked, and dresses to a very smooth finish. Teak is very durable and resistant to moisture and the drying effects of exposure to weather and is unique in that it does not cause rust or corrosion when in contact with metal. Teak is highly sought after in the boat industry and is also used for flooring, carving, joinery, fine furniture and cabinetry, doors, paneling, turnery and veneer, trim and detail work on boats and decks. Due to consistent reforestation, by the year 2000 Costa Rica will be the #1 supplier of Teak in the world!


Almendro is one of the hardest woods in the world, also known familiarly as Stone Wood. It is used widely for flooring, stairs and rails, tool handles, bridge building and other applications where strength matters. Light Brown in color, with a uniquely delicate grain pattern that’s very appealing. It finishes well and is of the highest durability.


Also known as Royal Mahogany, (Mahogany is widely regarded as the world’s premier wood for fine furniture and cabinetry, musical instruments, sculpture, joinery, decorative veneer, interior trim, doors, turnery, carving and boat trim) Caobilla polishes to a high luster, with excellent working and finishing characteristics. It responds well to hand and machine tools, has good nailing and screwing properties, and turns and carves superbly. The Caobilla tree is one of the largest in Central America.


One of the most distinctive woods in the world, a uniquely beautiful purple wood, prized for fine inlay work, turnery, parquet and strip flooring, decorative and figured veneer and many special items such as handles, billiard cue butts and carving and fine furniture and cabinetry. Brown when fresh cut, turning deep purple to purplish brown over time. With a hardness rating double that of Hard Maple, Purpleheart is one of the hardest woods in the world. It turns smoothly, is easy to glue, takes finishes well providing a lifetime of durability with an exotic flair. Purpleheart is prized as one of the most exotic woods in the world.


Gavilan is a very popular hardwood throughout Central and South America, prized for its beauty and finishing properties. It is used in door construction, furniture and cabinets, turnery, carving, paneling, interior trim, decorative veneer and musical instruments, and more. It is one of the most useful hardwoods in Central America.


Laurel is a strong yet lightweight lumber that’s very easy to work, turn, carve and glue. Its used in door construction, furniture and cabinetry, musical instruments, sculpture, joinery, decorative veneer, paneling, interior trim, and turnery. Laurel finishes well with an appealing grain pattern and high durability.

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