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Global Energy Logo

About Global Energy LLC

Global Energy has been selling renewable energy biomass systems (biomass burners, steam turbines, and steam engines) along with lumber/pallet/firewood container mounted dry kilns for the past 30 years.

Container Kiln: Global Energy invented the container kiln in 1992 for dimension lumber, timber frame, poles, pallets, and a novel market of kiln-dried firewood. When incorporating baskets or a drum drier, it can also be used for drying hemp and other botanicals.

Capstone Microturbine: In the past 20 years Global Energy set up the worldwide secondary market for distributed energy (microturbines) focusing on the Capstone Turbine via this Global Microturbine website. Applications: Primary or backup power. Greenhouse or grow operations. Hurricane power. Forest fire backup power when the grid goes down. Waste heat can be used directly for drying hemp, firewood, and lumber in a container kiln. Cogeneration to produce both heat, hot airflow, and power for drying operations.

ORC Organic Rankine Cycle: Branching off into the waste-heat-to-energy field, Infinity Turbine was organized in 2008. Since then, hundreds of small turbines have been sold and put into the field. Applications: industrial and commercial waste heat, including cloud server 30C (89F) waste heat using tribo effect power generation and supercritical CO2.

Power Solutions: Global Energy LLC and Infinity Turbine LLC have teamed up to provide comprehensive power solutions, including developing new power production methods, like TriboElectric Technology (solid state power generation using CO2 and low grade heat) and the Lithium battery powered Ground Power Unit (GPU).

Renewable Energy: Global is starting to compile a database of solar PV panels to determine best cost, weight to power ratios, and other key data for land and marine use.

Saltwater Battery: Salgenx, a division of Infinity Turbine develops grid-scale saltwater flow batteries to complement or replace the Tesla Megapack.

Dry Kilns: With the advent of huge price spikes in lumber and kiln-dried lumber, we are now offering plans for our epic container dry kiln system, which we developed in 1991. The system has been copied by lots of groups over the past 30 years (validating its profitability and access to the small commercial sawmill proprietors).

FileMaker Database: The background of all operations is Filemaker. It is a sophisticated, but easy-to-use organizer. Global has developed many solutions in all areas of business and energy.

Consulting: Since 1985 Global Energy has been in the renewable energy field, and has extensive knowledge in all forms of renewable energy.

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