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Recycled Flooring

Recycled and Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Recycled and reclaimed wood is yet another specialty wood flooring option. Most of this wood is long-leaf heart pine, American chestnut or red/white oak purchased from the demolition sites of old homes, mills, ships, warehouses and barns. Flooring made from recycled wood has the natural beauty of knots, flags, worm holes, color variations and other character marks. From years of aging, this wood flooring has a rich patina that becomes more beautiful each year. A newer aspect of this trade is actually taking old pallets and using that stock to make flooring ! Pallet boards (both Pine and Oak) and first dried in a kiln to a uniform MC, then sawn and molded to the correct flooring size.

Often, the history of the reclaimed wood is provided to the buyer. Generally, the wood is at least 60 to 70 years old and much of it is turn of the century or even Civil War Era.

A newer floor can acquire the antique look through distressed hand scraping, smooth hand scraping or hand fluting. Hand scraping can create a classic floor that wears like iron and it is the truest way a new floor can attain the look of a genuine 100- or 200- year-old floor.

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