Understanding Vacuum Drying Technologies

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Understanding Vacuum Drying Technologies ( understanding-vacuum-drying-technologies )

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11/22/2021 Understanding Vacuum Drying Technologies for Commercial Lumber Production Applications Scott Lyon Forest Products Specialist Learning Objectives • History of vacuum drying • Comparing drying methods • How vacuum drying works • Advantages and disadvantages • Research findings 12 34 56 Early Vacuum Kilns • Promised a lot • Problems: • Too low heat • Poor controls • Incomplete understanding of the process and how to control it • Large moisture distributions Why the renewed interest in vacuum drying? Word on the street is that: • Faster drying rates • Decrease in kiln cost • Better quality lumber • Lower operating costs • Ability to dry small loads Three basic requirements for drying •Energy (heat) source •A mechanism to transfer the heat from the source to wood •A means to remove water 1

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Understanding Vacuum Drying Technologies

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