Power production through CHP combined heat and power

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Power production through CHP combined heat and power ( power-production-through-chp-combined-heat-and-power )

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Product information SAACKE Energy Efficiency Power production through CHP combined heat and power Direct use of gas turbine flue gas for combustion – with high efficiency The idea of using excess heat from generating electricity for process steam or hot water is not new. It could better be described as a log- ical step, because the hot flue gases of a cogeneration unit or a gas turbine contain great quantities of valuable energy. In a traditional combined heat and power plant (CHP) the hot flue gas is directed immediately through a heat exchanger or waste heat boiler. In this solution just presented by SAACKE it supplies a DDZG-GTM series burner instead. That way SAACKE not only opens the path to new high-temperature process for CHP plants, but also makes produc- tion more flexible and profitable overall. Because CHP plants can achieve high efficiency, they are not onlyvery economical, by also environmentally friendly. In the low and medium load range these plants have most com- monly been impemented with cogeneration units, which are very maintenance-intensive, however. SAACKE is therefore offering an alternative: the extremely low-maintenance special burners of the DD(Z)G-GTM series for so-called “Micro CHPs”. A gas turbine generates from 50 to 1000 kW of electrical power,with its flue gas used to supply the SAACKE burner, which fires in the downstream heat generator. Depending on the design and configuration of the heat generator, a Micro CHP like that produces heat, steam or hot water with conventional heat generators – and also produces valu- able electrical energy. SAACKE Gas turbine flue gas burner (DDZG-GTM series) Advantages at a glance Chemical industry Food processing industry Building materials industry Wood processing Standard capacity range: 50 –1000 kW electrical, up to 2 – 20 MW maximum burner output All standard fuels and numerous special fuels Applicable for steam boilers and hot water boilers as well as for combustion chambers and thermal oil heaters Long maintenance intervals of turbine and burner Short payback period Very low emission values, outstanding efficiency

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Power production through CHP combined heat and power

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