Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kilns For Drying Firewood by Global Energy

Wood Waste Direct Fired into Heat Pipe High Temperature Kiln Heat Source

Firewood Container Dry Kiln Plans

The firewood container kiln consists of one or two 40 foot high-cube aluminum shipping containers side by side, or two refrigerated vans (already insulated).

These can be HT (or high temperature) kiln type design since you want to dry the wood (cracking is fine) as fast as possible.

We recommend a direct fired heat pipe (Furnace Type Dry Kiln), Conifer sawdust burner, or Central Boiler which can use your wood waste as the heat source.

The benefits of KD (kiln dried) firewood is reduced drying time, increased customer satisfaction, less creosote when burning, and higher revenue from sales. This allows you to dry into heating season, when other firewood suppliers have run out of inventory.

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Firewood Container Dry Kiln

Reasons to use a Firewood Container Dry Kiln

Features of a Firewood Container Dry Kiln

Firewood Container Dry Kiln Brochure

Conifer Sawdust Burner

The Conifer Sawdust Burner

The Conifer has been around for a long time. We build one from a kit in 1992 for our original 15,000 BF kiln, here in Madison, Wisconsin (sold to a customer in Michigan).

The kit was basically cast iron plates which were assembled with poured ceramic material and ceramic fire bricks. The Conifer is great for direct-fired kilns and sawdust burners which exit into biomass boilers or long stainless steel pipes (see Forest Products Lab Furnace Type Kiln).

Conifer Sawdust Burner

Container Lumber and Firewood Dry Kiln Wood Heat Options by Global Energy

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