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Defect Reduction Strategies for the Manufacture of Contoured Laminates Using Vacuum Bag-Only Prepregs Yijia Ma1,*, Timotei Centea1 and Steven R. Nutt1 1Department of Chemical Eng. and Materials Science, University of Southern California Abstract Complex structures manufactured using low-pressure vacuum bag-only (VBO) prepreg processing are more susceptible to defects than flat laminates due to complex compaction conditions present at sharp corners. Consequently, effective defect mitigation strategies are required to produce structural parts. In this study, we investigated the relationships between laminate properties, processing conditions`, mold designs and part quality in order to develop science-based guidelines for the manufacture of complex parts. Generic laminates consisting of a central corner and two flanges were fabricated in a multi-part study that considered variation in corner angle and local curvature radius, the applied pressure during layup and cure, and the prepreg material and laminate thickness. The manufactured parts were analyzed in terms of microstructural fiber bed and resin distribution, thickness variation, and void content. The results indicated that defects observed in corner laminates were influenced by both mold design and processing conditions, and that optimal combinations of these factors can mitigate defects and improve quality. Keywords Out-of-autoclave; Vacuum bag-only; Carbon fiber; Prepreg; Defects reduction DOI: 10.1002/pc.23773

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