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Click here to download a PDF of this article Tech Update - Kiln equipment by Diane Mettler 710-22 5. Hildebrand Brunner Better Built Better Built has recently installed a centre fan wall pre-dryer set-up to predry hard maple. The system was designed with a great deal of heat and airflow, as well as powered venting. The pre-dryer is three zones in length. Each zone has frequency inverters attached, giving the system the ability to change airflow, as well as save on energy costs. The system has overhead coils, as well as re-heat coils between the load. Each coil is individually trapped with an Enercon orifice trap, ensuring even heat distribution across the load. 866- Hildebrand Brunner has provided vacuum kilns for 0 years and currently offers the HIGH VAC- S and HIGH VAC-MASTER. With the HIGH VAC-MASTER, heating is accomplished with saturated steam. Critical lumber species will dry at temperatures from 150 to 200 degrees F without danger of cracks or honeycomb due to controlled steam shocks. Changing the steam climate results in a gentle drying. Working at this ideal point results in shorter drying times without the defects. The HIGH VAC-MASTER’s steam pulsation technology switches between regular steam and saturated steam, creating a continuously conditioning/ break/reconditioning pattern profile. This allows for absolute stress released lumber. The measured and controlled lumber internal steam pressure is responsible for the differentials necessary for a controlled moisture drop from the core to the shell of the lumber. www.brunner-hildebrand.com Coe Newnes McGehee Coe Newnes McGehee (CNM) offers a line of track and side loading designs to meet mill requirements for drying softwoods and hardwoods. The Series 22M computerized process control system in conjunction with the Smart-Trac- MMS in-kiln moisture measurement system allows for automatic control of the drying process from start-up to shut down. CNM dry kilns are available with heat systems fueled by steam, thermal oil, or direct-fired by natural gas, oil, propane or waste wood. High-performance air systems decrease drying times, resulting in reduced energy costs and increased throughput. www.coenm.com Cathild Cathild offers a new high efficiency softwood kiln—the VSB model. The VSB dry kiln is specially designed for high value softwood lumber like MSR and finger-joint products. It combines the latest technology advances in heat transfer, air velocity, air extraction and climate control and is already in operation in Canada, Germany and Austria. Cathild supplies both dry kilns and kiln control systems and will quote any new project or retrofit project. www.cathild-inc.com Frank Controls The complete FC kiln control system provides a fully automatic dynamic drying mode. The control removes the free water from the lumber in the fastest time physically possible without damaging the lumber. The dynamic process drying mode will increase lumber grade quality while reducing the amount of energy required for drying. A desktop computer acts as a user

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