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Laminate Vacuum Bagging Procedure ( laminate-vacuum-bagging-procedure )

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Revision A 9/29/17 Composite Laminate Vacuum Bagging Procedure and Safety Protocol Objective: This document describes the required materials, personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper procedure for vacuum bagging of composite laminates. The following process is valid for composite laminates consisting of woven fibers (e.g. carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiber glass) impregnated with an epoxy resin system. All vacuum bagging must be performed under the supervision of the ME 127 course instructor, ME 127 course TA, or Bray Laboratory staff. Materials: Description Acceptable Material Fibreglast 2000 Fibreglast 2060 Fibreglast 1785 Fibreglast 1580 Fibreglast 582 Fibreglast 579 Fibreglast 500 Fibreglast 1731 Fibreglast 363 Fibreglast 888 Fibreglast 910 Fibreglast 1145 N/A Fibreglast 9 N/A Fiber weave (Fiberglass, Kevlar/Carbon Hybrid, Carbon) Fibreglast 543, 1065, 1069 Epoxy resin (1-hour cure) Epoxy hardener (must correspond to resin) Nylon bagging film Release film Nylon release peel ply Breather & bleeder material Sealant tape Serrated scissors Plastic squeegee Vacuum (1/16 HP) Thru-bag vacuum connector Digital Scale Oven/furnace Acetone Shop rags Quart mixing set (paper mixing cup and wooden stirrer) Fibreglast 588

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