Creating usable wood using Vacuum

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Creating usable wood using Vacuum ( creating-usable-wood-using-vacuum )

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Creating usable wood using Vacuum The process of stabilizing or impregnating wood with Cactus Juice through the use of a vacuum chamber allows the wood worker to use wood that would normally be destined for the trash or fireplace. Wood that is simply too soft, punky, or spalted to be used on a woodworking project can be turned into material that is very stable, has unique color and grain patterns, and can be machined and finished with extremely fine detail. This instruction sheet will focus on the equipment and materials used in the stabilization process, the technique of using vacuum, and the procedures necessary to complete the process. BEFORE USING CONESTOGA WORKS’ PRODUCTS, THE USER SHALL DETERMINE THE SUITABILITY OF THE PRODUCT FOR ITS INTENDED USE AND ASSUMES LIABILITY THEREIN. Materials and equipment needed: 1. Personal protection equipment, nitrile gloves and safety glasses. 2. Conestoga Works Vacuum chamber 3. Vacuum pump or vacuum generator. 4. Cactus Juice methacrylate resin. 5. Toaster oven capable of controlling the temperature at 200oF. 6. Oven Thermometer. 7. Aluminum foil. 8. Wood to be stabilized. Must have a moisture content of 10% or less. Less is best! 9. Color dye as an option. Summary of the process: 1. Wear safety glasses and gloves. 2. Check and connect the vacuum chamber and pump/generator. 3. Place wood in the material carrier and place carrier in the vacuum chamber. 4. Add the Cactus Juice. 5. Start the vacuum pump. 6. Continue the vacuum until the bubbles stop. 7. Stop the vacuum and allow the wood to soak up the Cactus Juice. 8. Remove the wood from the chamber and wrap each piece in aluminum foil. 9. Place material in the oven that is heated to 200oF to cure. 10. Remove material and remove aluminum foil. It will be HOT! 11. Let cool. Details of the process: Hook up equipment: Wear safety glasses at all times and gloves while handling the Cactus Juice. Check the vacuum chamber and the lid seal to ensure they are clean, not damaged, and free of moisture. Connect the vacuum pump/generator to the vacuum chamber. Close the relief valve on the chamber and start the pump/generator to ensure a vacuum is pulled in the vacuum chamber. Once satisfied that everything is working correctly, open the relief valve and turn off the pump/generator off. Do not turn the pump off while

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Creating usable wood using Vacuum

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