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, No. Parameter (Units) Current date set in the microturbine used in the Incident History and for 1 Control Date the day of week calculations used for Time of Use operation. Value displayed in mm/ddlyyyy. Current time set in the microturbine used for time information in the 2 Control Time Incident History and for Time of Use operation. Value displayed in hh:mm:ss. 3 Engine Speed (rpm) 4 Main Gen Power 0N) 5 TET#1 Current operating speed of the microturbine in revolutions per minute (rpm). Current output power from the microturbine generator into the power electronics for power conversion in Watts 0N). Current temperature reading of the Turbine Exit Temperature (TET) thermocouple #1. Two thermocouples are present in the system and they are averaged together for engine operation CF or 0C). Current reading of the Turbine Exit Temperature (TET) thermocouple #2. Two thermocouples are present in the system and they are averaged together for engine operation (OFor 0C). Current average of the two TET thermocouple indications CF or 0C). Current measurement of the compressor inlet thermistor used to measure the air temperature at the inlet of the compressor wheel in the microturbine generator eF or DC). Displays fuel valve feedback position in percent of opening. Value 6 TET#2 7 Turbine Exit Temp 8 Compressor InTemp _. Measurement of the ambient pressure (psia or kPa). A default value of 14.696 is used if Ambient Pressure failed faults are present. Measurement of the amount of energy needed in the combustion chamber required to regulate fuel flow. Value displayed in Btu/second. Current incident in the system with the highest system severity level. Equates to the number of successful bearing starts or engine rotations above zero rpm. This value is used for warranty starts. Number of operating hours of the system above zero rpm. This value is used for warranty time. Capstone Turbine Corporation. 21211 Nordhoff Street. Chatsworth. CA 91311 • USA CRMS (Maintenance Edition - Chapter 11: Microturbine Data Windows) Table 11-1. Descriptions 9 Valve Position Feedback % for Microturbine Data 1, Data 2, and Data 3 Windows displayed in percent (%). __ ._-- Air to Fuel Ratio (or AFR) calculation in the combustion chamber. A calculated value used by the controls based on engine speed. Calculation of the air flow in the combustion chamber based on engine speed.Valuedisplayedinpoundsperhour(pph)._...._.- . 10 AFR 11 Wair (pph) 12 Ambient Pressure 13 Wenergy (Btu/sec) 14 Incident Record 15 Starts 16 Hours Highest system severity level of any incident currently reported by the system. 17 System Severity Level 410014 Rev L (September 2013) Page 11-4 Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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