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System Serial Number: Owner: Location: City: Site Contact Name: System Part Number: System Serial Number: Site Elevation: State: Date: Operator: Address: Zip Code: Country: Installation Site Contact Phone Number: Site Contact Cell Number: Site Contact Fax Number: Site Contact e-mail Address: Commissioning Check List Site Utility Account Representative: ___________________ Phone: _____________________________ Inspections Mechanical Inspection 1. Is there adequate drainage around the MicroTurbine to prevent standing water? Circle: Y N 2. Is the MicroTurbine installed on a surface that allows the cart to be rolled out? Circle: Y N 3. When the cart is rolled out, is there adequate room to access all components, including rolling the cart out far enough to get into the enclosure behind the cart if necessary? Circle: Y N Air Intakes and Exhaust 4. Is the air intake free of obstructions and debris? Circle: Y N 5. Is the exhaust stack clear of obstructions, including the area above the exhaust (roofs, overhangs)? Circle: Y N 6. Is there a minimum of 200 mm (8 inches) clearance around all exhaust piping? 7. Is there any exhaust equipment installed beyond the Capstone rain flapper? (examples: extension piping, silencer, heat recovery system, etc.) Describe: Circle: Y N Circle: Y N 512903-001 (August 2001) Page 1 of 7 Capstone Proprietary

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