MT250 Series Microturbine

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MT250 Series Microturbine ( mt250-series-microturbine )

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MT250 Series Microturbine 250 kW Continuous Onsite Electrical Power with Integrated Heat Recovery Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy from a rugged and efficient generating system Integrated Controls Heat Recovery Recuperator Key Features • High system efficiency • Grid-parallel, dual-mode, or grid-isolated electrical generation • Closed transition to grid-isolated mode during grid outage • Low emissions exceed stringent environmental standards • Product design life of 80,000 hours with overhauls • Integrated, variable-output, waste-heat recovery unit available • Process-industry qualified, internal fuel gas-booster available Electrical Performance* Characteristic Electrical efficiency (±2) Nominal heat rate (HHV) Nominal heat rate (LHV) Electrical power** (±15) Voltage Frequency Type of service Grid-isolated regulation (steady state) Transient handling (linear loads) (recovery within 5 seconds) Specification 30% LHV without gas booster 29% LHV with gas booster 12,645 Btu/kWh without gas booster 13,080 Btu/kWh with gas booster 11,380 Btu/kWh without gas booster 11,770 Btu/kWh with gas booster 250 kW nominal @ 59°F without gas booster 242 kW nominal @ 59°F with gas booster 300 kW @ 0°F 480 VAC/400 VAC 60 Hz/50 Hz 3 phase, wye, 4 wire ±0.50% nominal voltage ±0.50% nominal frequency ±10% nominal voltage max ±5 Hz frequency max Synchronous Generator Combustor Turbine Engine CARB 2007 Certification * at ISO Conditions (59oF [15°C] @ sea level, 60% RH) unless otherwise noted, pipeline natural gas only ** altitude derate of approximately 8.80 kW per 1000 ft (305 m) Electrical Output • Ingersoll Rand’s MT250 is the first microturbine to be certified by the California Air Resource Board’s 2007 emissions standards for distributed generation technologies Rugged Turbine Engine • Back-to-back rotating components • Proven oil-lubricated bearings • All bearings at cold end • Based on KG2 engine design Integrated Heat Recovery • Controllable output level • Reduces overall footprint • No ducting • Suitable for potable applications Patented Recuperator • Critical to high efficiency • Considered best in industry Patented Combustor • Dry low NOx • Easily meets stringent environmental regulations Synchronous Generator • Same technology utilities use to power the grid • Running backup capability available 375-18°C -7 4 16 27 38 49 0.33 0.32 0.31 0.30 0.29 0.28 0.27 0.26 0.25 Efficiency Power 350 325 300 275 250 225 200 175 0°F 20 40 60 80 100 120 Air-inlet ambient temperature Note - kWe is electrical output at terminals corrected for parasitics, but not including gas-booster power. Power kWe (±15 kW) Efficiency %LHV (±2 pts)

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