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Global Energy 5000 BF shipping container lumber dry kiln plans

BF Container Lumber Dry Kiln Plans 5,000

The 5,000 BF container kiln consists of one 40 foot high-cube aluminum shipping container. The first kiln built in 1992 was a 15,000 BF size and worked great.

This first container kiln had several innovations, including the use of a direct fired heat pipe (Furnace Type Dry Kiln) and a Conifer sawdust burner.

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Firewood Dry Kiln Wood Heat Options by Global Energy

Sample Plans of the 5000 to 15000 BF Container Lumber Kiln by Global Energy

Global Energy shipping container lumber dry kiln from 1992

Global Energy Container Kiln Plans

Global Energy designed and developed the container kiln back in 1992. The purpose is to give access to portable sawmill owners, furniture makers, and small business the value added profit of dry kiln lumber and quality hardwoods.

We are now offering plans for our epic container dry kiln system, which we developed in 1992. The system has been copied by lots of groups over the past 30 years (validating its profitability and access to the small commercial sawmill proprietors).

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Sample Pages of the 5000 BF Container Lumber Kiln Plans List by Global Energy

Sample Pages of the 15000 BF Container Lumber Kiln Plans List by Global Energy

Global Container Kiln Kit since 1992 for kiln drying firewood, lumber, and timbers for high value added products

Container Kiln Builders Guide | Firewood Kiln | Conventional Kiln | Vacuum Kiln | DH Kiln | Heat Treating

Explore the innovative use of shipping containers as kilns for drying lumber and firewood in our comprehensive guide. Global Energy invented the Container Kiln Concept in 1992. Covering various kiln types like conventional, firewood, dehumidification, vacuum, and wood products dry kilns, this guide delves into design considerations, retrofitting processes, and heating options, including eco-friendly biomass heating systems.

Understand operational guidelines, economic analysis, and environmental impacts to make informed decisions for efficient and sustainable wood drying solutions.

Complete lumber kiln and firewood and heat treating plans with parts list:

Global Energy 5,000 BF Container Kiln

Global Energy 15,000 BF Container Kiln

Note: in 1992, the first 15,000 BF Lumber Container Dry Kiln was assembled in Madison, Wisconsin by Global Energy, using a heat pipe (Furnace Type) heating system and a wood-fired Conifer Biomass Burner custom built.

CAD Drawings:

We include 40 ft. hi cube container CAD drawings so you can customize your kiln experience

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Container Lumber Kiln Builders Guide for Drying Dimensional Lumber Timbers Slab Wood or Firewood by Global Energy

5000 BF Lumber Container Kiln

15000 BF Lumber Container Kiln

400025A CRMS APS User Edition UM2009 and CRMS Maintenance Software

Capstone Remote Monitoring Software (CRMS) V4.25 and CRMS 551 and CRMS APS for C1000 V220

The Capstone Remote Monitoring Software allows users and maintenance to query the Capstone engine via a serial port interface.

This software includes:

Engine Software: C30, C60, C65, C200,


Copeland Training V1.0 2001

CRMS V4.0-4.25, 551 Maint, V4 User,V540

Setup, Maintenance, User

Capstone Remote.msi

CRMS-APS for C1000 MaintV220revA

CRMS Engine Software has been confirmed working as of 15 April 2024 on a Windows computer. Includes software and password. The software is outdated, and available as-is. The software is available for purchase. Email for pricing. This is a must-have item if you have a older Capstone (pre-2015).

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Capstone Turbine Supplier OEM Database

400025A CRMS APS User Edition UM2009 and CRMS Maintenance Software

Capstone Turbine and Capstone Green Energy Supplier and Manufacturer Lists

When Capstone Turbine went into Bankruptcy, they listed virtually all of the main components of the turbine, and the associated supplier OEM of the parts.

Global has compiled a list of those manufacturers and suppliers and now making that available for purchase, so you may contact those groups directly for parts.

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Capstone Turbine Supplier OEM Database

Exploring Lumber Dry Kiln Technologies: A Comprehensive Comparison

The process of drying lumber is critical in woodworking and lumber production, significantly affecting the quality, stability, and usability of the wood. As technology advances, various lumber dry kiln technologies have been developed, each with its unique advantages and disadvantages. This article provides a comprehensive comparison of the main types of lumber dry kiln technologies: conventional kilns, vacuum kilns, high-temperature kilns, and dehumidification (DH) kilns, among others.


Mass Timber

Wood Heat can be used to fire this heat treating kiln for high strength concrete

Graphene Coated Sand Batch Kiln by Infinity Turbine for Aggregate to make Concrete

A modular container mounted kiln for heat treating sand with a coating of graphene for use in the construction industry when used for aggregate and cement to make concrete.

Uses: Non-structural concrete for ornamental, siding, containers, troughs, thermal or sound insulation works, fillings, small walls or fences, insulating sub-floors, construction of ditches, sidewalks, and other similar civil works.

Aggregate: Sand, Perlite, vermiculite, and more.

Ingredients: Aggregate (sand or other materials), activated carbon, and a inexpensive precursor (proprietary - but commonly available).

Heat Sources: Wood waste, sawdust, gas, electricity, and hydrogen.

Batch Process: This process is for making batch quantities. A continuous kiln process is under development and will be available for licensing at a later date.

Time: The processing time to heat treat and coat the aggregate is a matter of hours. Rate at which kiln heats to starting temperature is a big factor.

Samples and basic recipe: $10,000. Amount can be deducted if a Licensing Package is purchased below.

Licensing Package: Modular container mounted kiln design and plans, heating source plans, graphene batch formula and recipes. Please email for pricing.

Note: It is your responsibility to check for codes specific to your state, region or country to determine where and in what applications this can be used according to codes and zoning.

More information will be available soon.

Email: Graphene Coated Sand Kiln Plans for use as Aggregate for Concrete

TES or Thermal Batteries may have a USA 30-40 Percent Tax Credit or $45 per kWh

A Salgenx 3,000 kWh Energy Battery, while used as a TES (Thermal Energy Storage) at 60 C could have a potential up to 24,000 liters of saltwater thermal capacity or 1,635.9 kWh. Now multiply that with the proposed $45/kWh = $73,616 tax credit. The Electrical storage tax credit is $35/kWh x 3,000 kWh = $105,000.

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IRS Section 45X Advanced Manufacturing Production Credit

Section 48 Tax Credit for Thermal Energy Storage

Energy Storage Incentives

Infinity Turbine Energy Storage

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5000 BF Container Dry Kiln for Wood Products Lumber, Dimensional, Slab Wood, Firewood, Timber, Pallets, Heat Treating and more... More Info

15000 BF Container Dry Kiln for Wood Products Lumber, Dimensional, Slab Wood, Firewood, Timber, Pallets, Heat Treating and more... More Info

Now offering 3MW Grid Scale Storage Energy Packs 3,000 kWh capacity and 600 kW energy delivery Salgenx Saltwater Flow Batteries. More Info

Engine Software for Capstone Turbine and Capstone Green Energy Maintenance and Monitoring Capstone Microturbine CRMS engine software, maintenance, user editions and error codes... More Info

Graphene Coated Sand Aggregate Kiln For use to make coated aggregate for concrete with higher strength and lower weight in non-structural applications.

Capstone Turbine and Capstone Green Energy Supplier Lists We are now compiling a list of all the parts and suppliers of the Capstone Turbine. More Info

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