Container Lumber Kiln Builders Guide for Drying Dimensional Lumber Timbers Slab Wood or Firewood by Global Energy

Container Kiln Builders Guide

Explore the innovative use of shipping containers as kilns for drying lumber and firewood in our comprehensive guide. Covering various kiln types like conventional, firewood, dehumidification, vacuum, and wood products dry kilns, this guide delves into design considerations, retrofitting processes, and heating options, including eco-friendly biomass heating systems. Understand operational guidelines, economic analysis, and environmental impacts to make informed decisions for efficient and sustainable wood drying solutions.

Complete plans with parts list:

Global Energy 5,000 BF Container Kiln

Global Energy 15,000 BF Container Kiln

Note: in 1992, the first 15,000 BF Lumber Container Dry Kiln was assembled in Madison, Wisconsin by Global Energy, using a heat pipe (Furnace Type) heating system and a wood-fired Conifer Biomass Burner custom built.

CAD Drawings:

We include 40 ft. hi cube container CAD drawings so you can customize your kiln experience.

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Container Kiln Builders Guide Includes Kiln Plans

The Builders Guide includes container kiln build plans for a 5,000 BF and 15,000 BF kiln.

Depending on heating configuration, these kilns can also be used for the high-revenue firewood drying business, heat treating, timber frame, and more.

Container Kiln Builders Guide Index (pdf)

Waterwide Biomass Heating System for Direct Fire Kiln Heating

Capstone Turbine Systems can be used for direct heating and electricity production from one turbine using natural gas

Salgenx Saltwater Battery system can be used for remote power

The Infininty Turbine ORC module can be used for DH kilns and making power from biomass heat

The Tesla Disc pump can be used for circulating hot water, thermal oil, or for DH chiller working fluid circulation

Conifer Direct Fired into a stainless steel heat pipe for a Furnace Type Kiln

We include 40 ft. hi cube container CAD drawings so you can customize your kiln experience

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