Vacuum Kiln Conversion Kit for Lumber and Wood Dry Kilns

What if you could dry lumber and logs using the same vacuum bagging process used in the fiberglass and composites industry

Our proprietary concept allows you to convert existing dry kilns to a Vacuum Kiln

Convert your existing conventional dry kiln into a fast drying vacuum kiln.

Similar to vacuum bagging in the boat building and aircraft industry, we have come up with a proprietary process which allows you to build a very simple vacuum kiln at a fraction of the price, and without the intensive conventional metal chamber structure.

Plans for the Proprietary Vacuum Bagging Kiln and Vacuum Pump: Please email for pricing.

Limited support is included. Plans and parts lists are via download.

Licensed Reseller of Plans: $19,999. One license holder per USA state. Any sales for plans go direct from this website to you (for inquiries for the state). License is renewable every year. Other details apply.

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Email: Info on Ordering Plans

Email: Become a reseller of our plans for a licensing fee

Dry in 3 Days or Less

This process could revolutionize the kiln drying industry by bringing down the cost and time of conventional kiln drying and also reducing costs by 90 percent.

Vacuum Bagging is the Simplest of Kilns

Vacuum bagging is already used for a very effective clamp during a glue process, but what about drying ?

We already know you can vacuum dry lumber using an expensive kiln (mainly due to the costly pressure resistant metal structure), but this process eliminates the metal structure altogether.

Vacuum and reinforced floor is all that is needed.

You can buy commercial vacuum pumps, or build one yourself with these plans and save lots of money.

Parts can be sourced from McMaster, Automation Direct, and other online suppliers.

We include a parts list and plans to build your own vacuum pump.

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Standard TEFC Motor

Our DIY vacuum pump uses a standard 110V 60hz motor. You can build yours with more energy efficient 240V and even 50hz power.

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Timbers Logs Firewood Pilings Poles Lumber Stakes Cants Pallets Flooring

This type of vacuum kiln is good with large items and awkward sizes.

Water Collection

Water collection can be done in any size container.

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Simple Drive Mechanism

Our DIY vacuum pump has simple parts which can easily be maintained and serviced. Replacement parts are a click away from McMaster.

McMaster Website

Single or Double Acting Cylinder

You can make your vacuum pump simple with a one stroke, or more efficient with a two stroke pump.

Hand Operated Valves

You can manually operate valves, or automate them using parts from Automation Direct.

Automation Direct Website

Mobile Vacuum Cart

We can build you a vacuum cart upon request.

Plug and play system uses 110V 60hz power (other power options are available).

We can also configure this to run on solar PV panels with a Lithium battery system and panels to run off the grid for remote applications.

Email: Vacuum Cart Pricing and Options


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