Vacuum Lumber and Wood Dry Kilns Offer a 3 Day Drying Cycle

What if you could dry lumber and logs using the same vacuum bagging process used in the fiberglass and composites industry

Vacuum Lumber Dry Kilns

Coming soon... we're working on a small DIY vacuum kiln chamber for artisan and portable sawmill owners.

The technology is migrated from fiberglass and epoxy builders where they do a vacuum bagging process. The same could be used for wood by simply laying over a heavy duty plastic sheet over lumber or logs, then applying a vacuum. This would need to be done over a stable substrate like a concrete floor.

This process could revolutionize the kiln drying industry by bringing down the cost and time of conventional kiln drying and also reducing costs by 90 percent.

Vacuum bagging is already used for a very effective clamp during a glue process, but what about drying ?

We already know you can vacuum dry lumber using an expensive kiln (mainly due to the costly pressure resistant structure). For really small applications the artisan vacuum drying technique can be done in a large diameter pipe which is pressure sealed.

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Building a DIY vacuum kiln using pipe YouTube Tutorial

Vacuum Dry Kiln Tutorial on YouTube

Doing a search on YouTube shows various methods of using pipe to make a small vacuum kiln.

YouTube Hobby Vacuum Kiln Using Pipe

Vacuum kiln using stainless pipe and couplings

Lumber Dry Kiln - Vacuum Kiln Using Pipe

This format uses standard carbon or stainless steel pipe (12 inch, 24 inch, or 30 inch) and standard couplings. The pipe needs to be grooved and requires grooved steel end plates (aluminium works fine) for pass through fittings for electronics and threaded bores for sensors.

Stainless pipe and couplings

Pipe Length for the Vacuum Kiln

The length of the pipe will be determined by your application. For the vacuum kiln, you may wish to do hobby wood at or below 4 foot length. For the builder, you may select a pipe with a 10 foot length for 8 foot wood. For logs or poles, you may want a pipe up to 20 foot in length. Since couplings are used, you can do modular lengths to any length, but limited to a 30 inch inside diameter (30 ID).

Pipe couplings allow modular add-on lengths to any size

Modular Vacuum Kiln Pipe Length Determined by Length of Lumber (pole or timber) Couplings

If you are drying long poles or timbers (for timber frame applications) you can add sections of pipe using the couplings.

Modular pipe and couplings allow expansion to any length below 30 inches in diameter

System is Perfect for Timber Frame

While you can only accommodate one timber diameter at a time, vacuum drying is much faster than conventional kiln drying.

Smaller 12 inch diameter pipe is perfect for wood turners or custom furniture dimensional lumber

Smaller Pipe Diameter for Hobby Turning and Furniture Making

The smaller pipe diameter is more cost effective for the small commercial operator or artisan wood crafter.


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