C800 Capstone Turbine Available

global energy capstone turbine c800 surplus for sale

C800 Capstone Turbine Dual Mode Microturbine For Sale (Inspection and storage maintenance completed in October by Capstone) New surplus. Dual mode. Model 800S-FD4-BE00. MFG 2016. Inspection Summary on 20201022 by Capstone Technician ASE J.Hesse: Summary – Bays A, B, D, E. Performed Extended Storage Maintenance on Bay A, B, D, E consisting of removing plastic […]

Global Energy Container Dry Kiln

global energy container kiln 5000BF

With the advent of huge price spikes in 2020 in lumber and kiln-dried lumber, we are now offering plans for our epic container dry kiln system, which we developed in 1991. The system has been copied by lots of groups over the past 30 years (validating its profitability and access to the small commercial sawmill proprietors).