UNIGIN Service Bulletin 6 heat recovery unit users

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UNIGIN Service Bulletin 6 heat recovery unit users ( unigin-service-bulletin-6-heat-recovery-unit-users )

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1030 Clarke Side Road • Box 5395 • Station B • London, ON Canada N6A 4P4 unifin@kochind.com SERVICE BULLETIN 6 (Revision 2) DATE: May 22, 2003 R2 TO: micoGenTM Heat Recovery Unit Users Contact: Tim Ryan, Customer Service Leader RE: Backflow Damper Bypass From: L. Brescacin, Manager, Product Development & Quality Systems PHONE: (519) 451-0310 Ext 222 EMAIL: RyanT@Kochind.com FAX: (519) 451-0310 The backflow damper for second-generation micoGenTM may allow excessive bypass after several cycles of operation. These dampers were provided on purchases of external ducting used to interconnect multiple MicroTurbinesTM to a second-generation micoGenTM unit. After twenty or more cycles the internal flapper of the damper may warp allowing excessive bypass of exhaust gas from an operating MicroTurbineTM into one that has been turned off. This can result in damage to the MicroTurbineTM. This applies to all 5” and 8” backflow dampers for second-generation micoGenTM whether the material is carbon steel or stainless steel. The dampers involved were sold between January and July of 2002. Unifin provides replacement dampers for all such units. The replacement dampers are designed to fit exactly into the location of the original equipment without need for modification. We recommend that the original dampers be replaced with the new dampers as soon as the new ones have been received. Serial Numbers affected: 4503-1&2; 4507-1&2; 4604-1&2; 4608-1&2; 4614; 4620; 4653-1&2; 4684-1to4; 4707; 4712; 4715; 4728- 1&2; 4745-1&2; 4747-1&2; 4756-1&2; 4757-1to4; 4793-1&2; 4801-1&2; 4813-1&2 Notes: 1) Backflow Dampers are also referred to as Flapper Assemblies. 2) 5” Flapper Assembly (Steel) is Kit MG-KIT-SB6-5 (Part Number M29002-20P3). 3) 5” Flapper Assembly (Stainless Steel) is Kit MG-KIT-SB6-5S (Part Number M29002-20P3S). 4) 8” Flapper Assembly (Steel) is Kit MG-KIT-SB6-8 (Part Number M49011-20P7). 5) 8” Flapper Assembly (Stainless Steel) is Kit MG-KIT-SB6-8S (Part Number M49011-20P7S).

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