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Capstone Turbine Corporation • 21211 Nordhoff Street • Chatsworth • CA 91311 • USA Technical Reference: Pre-Engineered CHP Solution
Safety Precautions
Safety precautions are essential when installing and operating the Capstone equipment. The following paragraphs present both general and detailed Safety Precautions.
General Precautions
Always obey to the following general safety precautions:
! KeepABCratedfireextinguishershandy.
! Obeyallwarninglabels.
! Followallapplicablelocal,state,andnationalcodesandregulations. ! Keepequipmentclean.
Electrical Precautions
All output connections must be made in accordance with applicable codes and regulations. Use extreme caution when working on electrical equipment. Always obey the following:
! Removejewelry,andmakesureclothingandshoesaredry.
! Standonaninsulatedplatformonthegroundorfloor(ifpossible). ! Alwaysdisconnectallpowersources.
! Verifythatallcircuitsarede-energizedwithavoltmeter.
System Component Details
Two Pre-Engineered CHP Solutions are available as follows:
1. Pre-Engineered CHP Solution consisting of:
! TwoCapstone60MicroTurbines
! OneHeatRecoveryUnit
! TwoFuelGasBoosters
! InstallationHardware(NotsuppliedbyCapstone)
2. Pre-Engineered CHP Solution consisting of: ! TwoCapstone60MicroTurbines
! OneHeatRecoveryUnit
! OneFuelGasBooster
! InstallationHardware(NotsuppliedbyCapstone)
410018-001 Rev A (July 2002)
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This information is proprietary to Capstone Turbine Corporation. Neither this document nor the information contained herein shall be copied, disclosed to others, or used for any purposes other than the specific purpose for which this document was delivered. Capstone reserves the right to change or modify without notice, the design, the equipment specifications, and/or the contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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