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Capstone Turbine Corporationn21211 Nordhoff StreetnChatsworthnCA 91311 Application Guide: Hot Water CHP Use with the Capstone MicroTurbine
2. MicroTurbine Performance
Performance parameters are stated at ISO conditions (59°F, sea level). Actual operating conditions will vary widely. Please refer to published documents (MicroTurbine Performance Specifications, documents 512311 “Capstone 60 MicroTurbine: Application Information” and ______) for detailed information. For fuel compatibility, see published document 512420 “Capstone MicroTurbine Fuel Requirements.”
Exhaust Temperature
Performance Specifications show the range of exhaust temperatures and flows as a function of both ambient air temperature and electrical load. A hotter exhaust generally indicates that the microturbine is producing a given power output at lower efficiency. However, if thermal needs supersede electrical needs then the benefit of lower electrical efficiency is a hotter exhaust for CHP applications.
Exhaust Emissions
Detailed emissions composition and variation with load can also be found in Performance Specifications. The presence of fuel sulfur may call for the use of stainless steel ducting at the exhaust of any heat recovery equipment.
Ventilation Requirements
If installed indoors, the microturbine will radiate heat that can be ventilated for improved performance. If properly insulated, very little heat will emit from the system. See Performance Specifications for more details.
4. Exhaust Heat Recovery
Appropriateness of CHP Application
Heat recovery serves to maximize the fuel utilization efficiency of your power generation system. The most economical systems will operate in locations with high “spark spread,” or where electricity costs are high (over $0.10/kWh, for example) and fuel costs are low (under $6/mcf, for example). Once this is known, step through the flow chart in Figure 1 to understand whether your project is a good microturbine CHP candidate.
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