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Turner EPS are official distributors for Capstone Turbine Corporation for the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

As a European market leader, in the supply of bespoke power generation solutions for the Offshore Oil & Gas industry and Specialist Industrial & Marine markets, Turner EPS can now offer Capstone Microturbine technology as an alternative solution to traditional diesel engine powered packages across a wide spectrum of business applications including: Data Centres, Farm Digesters, Hotels, Hospitals, Large Retailers, Landfill, Marine, Office Buildings, Waste Water Plants and Oil & Gas.

Microturbines are greener

Capstone Microturbine solutions reduce energy costs, ensure power availability and help preserve the environment with its ultra-low emissions profile. They can operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels making Capstone a clean, green, reliable source of energy. The Microturbines can be installed individually or multi-packed and can function in parallel or independent from the grid. Capstone Microturbines are compact, lightweight, affordable, and quiet and provide a robust and reliable solution to your energy needs.

Advanced engineering and more than 100 patents put the Capstone Microturbines in a class of their own. Capstone Microturbines have just one moving part, no gearbox or other mechanicals, and use no lubricants or hazardous materials, resulting in minimal maintenance while providing reliable, dependable performance.

 Air cooled design: no cooling system maintenance or coolant disposal issues

 Patented air bearings: no lubrications system maintenance or oil disposal issues

 Oxygen rich exhaust with less than 5 ppm NOx

 Modular design permits scalability

 Multi-fuel capability

 Lightweight and compact design

C30 C65 C65 ICHP C65 CARB C200 Hazardous Locations C1000

Engine Control Solutions Turbine Retrofits

Turner Engine Control Solutions (Turner ECS), a Turner EPS group company, is a Woodward Channel Partner with offices located in:

 The Netherlands

 The United Kingdom  United Arab Emirates  Qatar

 Saudi Arabia

As a Woodward Recognized Turbine Retrofitter (RTR), Turner ECS is specialised to offer solutions for speed/load controls, and also generator, extraction, compressor, excitation controls and integrated turbine compressor controls. We utilise Woodward's control, actuation and valve technologies.

Our engineers make extensive use of simulation software in the design, testing and simulation of the control system to make sure everything works in accordance with the design specifications before shipment to site.

Comprehensive documentation and end-user training complete the package.

For further information visit:

Please follow the link to find out more about the Capstone product line including case studies and applications;

‘Green Power at Turbine Speed’

Contact us at; Turner EPS, Newstead Trading Estate, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 8HT Tel: +44 (0) 1782 657331 Email: Website:

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