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Capstone Turbine Corporation • 21211 Nordhoff Street • Chatsworth • CA 91311 • USA Telephone: (818) 734-5300 • Facsimile: (818) 734-5320 • Website:

Service Bulletin SB0084

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July 2007

Capstone Technical Support

Fuel Gas Booster Motor Life Extension

Systems Affected

Fuel Gas Booster Model Numbers SZNXXXXX-ABX-XXX (AC versions) and SZNXXXXX- BBX-XXX (DC versions) with Serial Numbers 04-X-X (04 stands for year 2004) and later (horizontally configured fuel gas boosters) used with Capstone Model C30 and C60/C65 high-pressure, natural gas MicroTurbine systems. Note: Fuel Gas Booster Model Numbers and Serial Numbers can be found on the nameplate labels at the back of the units.


The Copeland fuel gas booster motor is subject to developing internal electrical malfunction due to transfer of copper particles from the heat exchanger into the oil cooling system, and subsequent gradual buildup of copper in the motor windings. An oil filter is recommended to significantly improve the life of the motor:

• Oil Filter Kit (Part Number 610124-100)

The Oil Filter Kit (P/N 610124-100) removes copper particles from the oil stream, and prevents them from damaging the compressor stator. Capstone recommends the Oil Filter Kit be installed on all fielded horizontal fuel gas compressors (dated year 2004 and later) at the earliest convenient time.

After installation of the Oil Filter Kit, Capstone recommends replacement of the Oil Filter Element to become a standard action at an 8,000-hour scheduled maintenance interval.


It is Capstone’s responsibility to provide Capstone’s Authorized Service Providers with this Service Bulletin.

Capstone will make available for sale the Oil Filter Kit to extend the life of the Fuel Gas Booster.

It is the Authorized Service Provider’s responsibility to notify the customer and perform the recommended service action.

It is the Authorized Service Provider’s responsibility to provide Capstone with a Field Service Report upon completion of work.

450071 Rev A (July 2007) Page 1 of 2

Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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