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Catholic Hospital Koblenz

Germany has one of the highest electricity costs (per kilowatt) among industrialized countries and territories, and is ranked seventh in the world for energy consumption. Because of this, in 2010, the country’s officials instituted an aggressive policy to reduce emissions and increase use of renewable energy. Continuously planning ahead, the Catholic Hospital Koblenz began years in advance to replace the campus’ aging boiler system.

Catholic Hospital Koblenz chose two Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® to meet its energy system criteria and reduce overall energy costs.

“We started to plan for a new central system (two years before installation) because we supply three other clinics as well,” explained Christoph Edrich, Technical Director for the 210-bed hospital. “We realized that increased energy expenditures were needed. The idea came for a microturbine; that became our favorite due to low cost, special needs, and operating time.”

The microturbines are used in a combined heat and power (CHP) system. In addition to producing onsite electricity, surplus heat generated while the microturbines operate is captured and used to preheat water delivered to new boilers the hospital purchased. Steam from the boilers supply building heat and hot water.

The C65s provide electricity, heating, and hot water to the three buildings on the campus and three additional clinics. The surplus heat generated is used to preheat the water that goes into the boilers for hot water production. Energy generated in the winter months by the pair of C65s accommodates the hospital’s peak load requirements.

At a glance


Koblenz, Germany


August 2010


Natural Gas


• Two C65 Capstone microturbines used in a CHP application.

• Two heat exchangers, each with 126kW thermal capacity.


• Each heat exchanger provides 126kW of thermal power, generating an overall ef ciency around 85%.

• Cogeneration system meets Germany’s stringent requirements to lower energy use and reduce emissions.

• Nominal maintenance ensures the mission-critical facility has power when it matters most.

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