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Quellenhof Sport and Wellness Resort

The Quellenhof Sport and Wellness Resort in St. Martin in Passeier, Italy is a sophisticated paradise that radiates wellness in every detail from the temperature of its luxurious swimming pools to the clean- and-green power system that today upholds the hotel’s heavenly atmosphere.

With 150 rooms and more than 5,000-square-meters (53,800- square-feet) of wellness area that includes 20 spas, eight saunas,

and 20 swimming pools, the Quellenhof Resort is a signi cant energy consumer. Originally relying on 100 percent utility power for hotel operations and traditional boilers for heating, the luxury hotel needed to upgrade its energy initiatives to match its ve-star standards.

To charter a perfect spa vacation for guests seeking tranquility

in an eco-friendly environment, the Dorfer family, hotel owners since 1923, decided Quellenhof needed a new power supply that was ef cient, reliable, and could deeply limit greenhouse gas emissions

to help preserve the surrounding Trentino Alto Adige Region – an area extremely focused on environmental sustainability.

In September 2010, two Capstone C65 ICHP MicroTurbines® in a combined heat and power (CHP) application were commissioned at the family-run hotel, labeling the “clean-and-green” hotel the rst of its kind in Val Passiria.

“I was looking for an alternative energy system that could save energy while increasing ef ciency,” said Heinrich Dorfer, Resort Owner. “I asked several companies and came to the conclusion that Capstone

At a glance


St. Martin in Passeier, Italy


September 2010


Natural gas


• Two Capstone C65 ICHP microturbines.

• Capstone Heat Recovery Modules installed on each C65 to capture the microturbines’

waste heat.


• Quellenhof was labeled the rst clean-and-green hotel in Passeier.

• Annual CO2 reduction of 800 tons

(approximately 1.8 million pounds).

• Quellenhof predicts it will save €75,000

each year; of that, €10,000 alone is expected

to be due to reduced maintenance costs.

• Quellenhof estimates it will achieve a

return on investment in less than 3 years.

• ICHP system generates 1 million kW-hour

(kWh) of electricity and 1.8 million kWh

of thermal power.

• The system produces 125kW of electricity

for day-to-day hotel operations.

• Heat Recovery Modules capture waste heat

to produce 224kW of thermal power to heat

pools and wellness areas.

• ICHP system exceeds 80% energy ef ciency.

• ICHP system ful lls nearly 50% of the hotel’s

overall power needs.

• Microturbines operate continuously 8,000

hours per year with minimal downtime for scheduled maintenance.

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