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St. Joseph Hospital

When of cials at St. Joseph Hospital chose to be the rst in Germany to install a Capstone C65 MicroTurbine® in a combined heat and power (CHP) application, they hoped for great results. The impact four years after the system was installed is considered outstanding.

“The Capstone cogeneration system achieves a total ef ciency

of 85 percent and saves the hospital € 22,500 annually in energy costs,” said Bernhard Peters, Technical Manager for E-quad Power Systems GmbH, Capstone distributor of CHP and combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) systems in Germany. With the Capstone system, the hospital has reduced energy use by 30 percent when compared to

the old boiler system that served the facility for 60 years.

Peters explained that the cogeneration system, commissioned in December 2006 at the regional hospital in Prüm, Germany, serves a dual purpose of supplying electricity and heat to the facility that services approximately 5,000 patients each year.

“At its peak, the Capstone unit produces 65kW of electric power and 126kW of thermal power to heat the building, along with 90°C (194°F) hot water,” Peters said.

”Our efforts to provide the Prüm population with high-quality, affordable medical services were forefront in our minds as we invested in this new equipment for the hospital,” said St. Joseph Director Andreas Fidelak about the Capstone installation. “We wanted to make the best decision for our patients and our bottom line.

At a glance


Prüm, Germany


December 2006


Natural gas


• One Capstone C65 microturbine in a CHP application.

• 126kW gas heat exchanger that captures the microturbine’s waste heat.


• The installation saves the hospital € 22,500 annually in energy costs.

• The hospital’s energy use has been reduced by 30%.

• The CHP system supplies electricity and heat to the 153-bed hospital that serves 5,000 patients each year.

• At its peak, the CHP system produces 65kW of electric power and 125kW of thermal power, along with 90°C (194°F) hot water.

• Total ef ciency of the CHP system is 85%.

• The CHP system operates 7,500 hours per year, a signi cant increase over the old

boiler system.

• The C65 only requires eight hours of

maintenance a year.

• The hospital plans to continue its

innovative green-energy efforts by installing a second Capstone C65 and an absorption chiller (for CCHP) in 2012.

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