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Apartment Complex South Korea

An array of 10 Capstone C65 MicroTurbines®

in a combined heat and power (CHP) application is providing high ef ciency electrical and thermal power generation to this 44,520-square-meter (479,209-square-feet) apartment complex in South Korea, brought to life by Capstone’s distributor, Samsung Corporation.

By recycling the waste heat from the electric generation process, ef ciencies in excess of 80 percent are achieved. A Capstone microturbine CHP system provides a tremendous reduction in NOx emissions compared to traditional sources of electrical and heat energy and signi cantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional systems. In addition, the patented air bearings in the microturbines eliminate liquid lubricants and disposal of hazardous materials, making these systems virtually maintenance-free.

Other bene ts include reduction of energy costs and power security and reliability.

Ten C65 microturbines provide electricity and heating to a 44,520 square-meter (479,209 square-feet) apartment complex in South Korea.

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