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Advanced Power Server (APS)

Intelligently dispatch multiple turbines as a single power source.

• Automatically controls up to 30 C65/C200/C1000 Microturbines (max 10 C1000)

• Flexible pre-engineered package

• Maximize Microturbine array ef ciency

• Reduce maintenance costs with Run Time Balance

• Interface with supervisory systems via

Serial RS-485 ModBus

• Touch screen HMI

• Up to ve Groups Grid Connect

Reduce System Upgrade Costs

• HMI-based control system with touchscreen and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

• Run units in a number of preset power dispatch modes

• PLC can be customized for balance of plant control

• Avoid control system costs for development of common control schemes

Low Maintenance System

• Integrate for remote control or monitoring

• Align scheduled maintenance needs with “run time balance” feature –

Microturbine operating hours are equalized to maintain service intervals

Advanced Power Server

Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

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