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York Wastewater Treatment Plant

When the energy bills at York Wastewater Treatment Plant in Pennsylvania topped $63,000-per-month, York of cials knew it

was time to replace the plant’s aging internal combustion engines. After in-depth research, they selected a Capstone microturbine combined heat and power system that promised lower total lifecycle costs, less maintenance, fewer emissions, and unmatched ef ciency.

Today, a Capstone C1000 and C600 operate on natural gas and biogas produced from York’s 26 million gallons of sewage each day. The side-by-side power packages produce 40 percent more power using the same amount of natural gas as the former internal combustion engines. This custom con guration allows the plant to operate in a digester/natural gas base mode, natural gas peak shaving mode, and provide

1.6 MW of backup power.

In addition to cutting electricity costs, the plant further reduced its operating costs by recovering the microturbine exhaust heat and using it in the onsite digestion process, allowing for the more ef cient breakdown of sewage, and in turn, generation of more methane gas. The methane gas enables the microturbines to ef ciently generate 24/7 baseload electricity for the entire plant.

The air-cooled, liquid-free power system frees the plant from power interruptions and staff from burdensome maintenance needs. Another convenience factor – the plant is no longer required to report emission levels to Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection because the microturbines generate a negligible amount of pollutants.

A natural gas and methane gas fueled Capstone C1000 and C600 at York’s wastewater treatment plant save energy, cut operational costs and protect the environment by generating clean-and-green electricity.

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