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Oil & Gas

Talinga Gas Line

The Australian Outback

By the end of 2010, more than 150

Capstone C30 microturbines will sit quietly in the scorching Australian Outback, providing clean and reliable power to pumps at natural- gas wellheads dotting the gas-rich landscape.

A leading Australian energy company placed the large order after a successful two-year demo project in which Capstone C30s proved their exceptional reliability in the isolated Talinga

gas eld.

Many C30s at Talinga have dual-fuel capabilities – the ability to operate on natural gas or propane to ensure continuous operation. Normally, C30s run on wellhead gas. However during well construction, propane is used to power the microturbines. Once the well is commissioned and natural gas is available, the Capstone C30 is quickly adapted to natural-gas operation.

At each wellhead site, the microturbines provide electricity for pumps that extract water from the ground as part of the coal-seam gas extraction process.

Capstone microturbines at Talinga well

sites have multiple advantages over traditional engines in critical power applications, including reliability and dual-fuel capability. Microturbines are extremely reliable and low maintenance because their air-bearing technology requires no oil or other lubricants, which signi cantly reduces maintenance and the disposal of hazardous materials.

Three natural-gas powered C1000s are installed at the Talinga gas eld located in the outback of Australia. The units provide 3MW

of power to drive the site and drilling equipment.

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