CR1000 Megawatt Power Package Renewable Fuels

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CR1000 Megawatt Power Package Renewable Fuels ( cr1000-megawatt-power-package-renewable-fuels )

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CR1000 Megawatt Power Package Renewable Fuels World’s largest air-bearing turbine system produces 1000kW of clean, green, and reliable power. • High electrical efficiency over a very wide operating range • Low-maintenance air bearings require no lube oil or coolant • Ultra-low emissions • High availability – part load redundancy • Proven technology with tens of millions of operating hours • Integrated utility synchronization and protection with a modular design • 5 and 9 year Factory Protection Plans available • Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities C1000 Power Package Electrical Performance(1) Electrical Power Output Voltage Electrical Service Frequency Maximum Output Current Electrical Efficiency LHV Fuel/Engine Characteristics(1) Landfill Gas HHV Digester Gas HHV Inlet Pressure Fuel Flow HHV Net Heat Rate LHV H2S Content Exhaust Characteristics(1) NOx Emissions @ 15% O2(2) NOx / Electrical Output(2) Exhaust Gas Flow Exhaust Gas Temperature Exhaust Energy 1000kW 400 – 480 VAC 3-Phase, 4 wire 50/60 Hz, grid connect operation 1,450A RMS @ 400V, grid connect operation 1,200A RMS @ 480V, grid connect operation 33% 13.0 – 22.3 MJ/m3 (350 – 600 BTU/scf) 20.5 – 32.6 MJ/m3 (550 – 875 BTU/scf) 517– 552 kPa gauge (75 – 80 psig) 12,000 MJ/hr (11,400,000 BTU/hr) 10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300 BTU/kWh) <5,000 ppm < 9 ppmvd (18 mg/m3) 0.14 g/bhp-hr (0.4 lb/MWhe) 6.7 kg/s (14.7 lbm/s) 280°C (535°F) 7,100 MJ/hr (6,750,000 BTU/hr) Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

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CR1000 Megawatt Power Package Renewable Fuels

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