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Capstone C1000 Available

Capstone Turbine C1000 Mfg in 2012 New Surplus

Capstone Turbine Model C1000 (1000 kW or 1 MW)

C1000, HP NG, DM, IND PKG, CE. C1000 modular container.

Dual mode controller. Capstone C1000 HP Natural Gas Dual Mode. Mfg 2012.

Factory test hours only.

Manufactured in 2012. Factory reconditioned (to new condition with warranty) in 2015/2016. Never run once at new owners facility.

Will need new battery packs, inspection for air bearings, etc.

C1000 Capstone Turbine Microturbine Brochure (pdf)

Email: Info on New Surplus C1000 Capstone Microturbine Available

C1000 Product Specifications

ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine

Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution Now Available From Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine has developed a Crypto miner solution using shipping containers or trailer vans as the modular facility to house the miners.

The miner app gives you costs, estimated power input and HVAC demands for either a fan cooled, or chiller cooled module (container or van).

The solution uses Filemaker as the base application which can be used on Windows or Mac (purchased directly from Filemaker). There is even FileMaker GO which allows use by iPhone and iPad.

The solution can be used in great detail for costs in the build-out and operational costs. You have unlimited entry options for both.

The solution is $499.00

(support is additional)

See some examples below of the Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution using ASIC and GPU miners.

NOTE: Buy via PayPal below. Requires Filemaker to run. This solution was built on the Filemaker application as a solution, thus requires the basic Filemaker application to run the solution.

PayPal Link to Buy the Miner Analysis Solution App (Filemaker is required to run the App)

Email: Miner ROI App

Filemaker Pro Database Solution

ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine Advertising Page (pdf download)

Global Energy shipping container lumber dry kiln from 1991

Global Energy Container Kiln Plans

Global Energy designed and developed the container kiln back in 1991. The purpose is to give access to portable sawmill owners, furniture makers, and small business the value added profit of dry kiln lumber and quality hardwoods.

With the advent of huge price spikes in 2020 in lumber and kiln-dried lumber, we are now offering plans for our epic container dry kiln system, which we developed in 1991. The system has been copied by lots of groups over the past 30 years (validating its profitability and access to the small commercial sawmill proprietors).

This kiln concept is now all over the world. We offer the plans at a low price to cover the website costs.

Periodically, we’ll up date the News, with new innovations and improvements to the industry.

The most recent addition is the Vacuum kiln, which can reduce drying time down to 3 days.

All Kiln Plans (firewood, 5000 BF, and 15000 BF kiln) $199 via PayPal

For More Info…

Global Energy Container Kiln Topics


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