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Need to find a Capstone or other micorturbine ? We offer professional vetting services to find you the right system for your project. We can also provide you with an analysis of a used system so you can make an educated purchase decision.

Global Energy provides consulting, Capstone analysis services, and we also buy and sell microturbines.

We have recently revamped our website and have moved it over from WordPress to our own database FileMaker Web Engine, to provide the resources to deliver large amounts of data and information.

Global Energy is also becoming more active in renewable energy and solar powered electric ships. The next moves for Tesla will be aviation and marine applications, so we're taking our knowledge and porting that to the marine transportation industry.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto mining solutions for reducing heat loads and making cooling from IC chip and graphics boards waste heat

Bitcoin Mining

Profitable crypto mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Helium, and others) focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit. Scalability is also a key factor in growing profits.

A typical crypto miner will gross about $4-7 per day (subtract electrical costs from that) and produces around .170-.360 kW of heat from each GPU processor. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings or modular storage solutions and fill them with miners).

Converting Shipping Containers and Vans

Crypto Mine Shaft (conversion of shipping container or van to GPU farm). Plans include drawings, components, parts, and suppliers for layout, GPU and HVAC power, rooftop options for cooling and power generation, heat exchangers, and more.

Licensing Options

A. Plans. Business License to build up to 10 modular units including limited consulting: $999.00

B. Plans. Commercial License for unlimited builds of modular units including limited consulting: $49,999.00

C. Plans. Manufacturing License for unlimited builds of modular units including limited consulting, and reselling of plans: $99,999.00

D. Waste Heat to Cooling and Power Strategies. Includes technology review, parts lists, suppliers, limited consulting, and sophisticated database program for ROI planning, heat and cooling calculations, PID flows, and more. Typical payback on this package for large miner farms can be as little as a month: $99,999.00

E. Project Review and Strategy: Let us review your project and offer solutions to reduce power and increase your profit.

Small Farm (less than 10 container miner farms): $10,000.00

Large Farm (more than 10 container miner farms): $50,000.00

Miner ROI Database Solution:

We are developing a Filemaker solution program which allows you to enter in costs to plan a facility before starting your operation for ROI (payback). This includes variables such as miner speed (to figure out puzzle), electricity costs, cooling costs, and other items (many of which you can add as custom components).

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China's top regulators ban crypto trading and mining, sending bitcoin tumbling

US leads Bitcoin mining as China ban takes effect

China Tightens Crypto Mining Crackdown, Bans Trading

Waterwide DF80 Available (used)

John Lundell from Energy Unlimited in Dodgeville, Wisconsin called and said he had a used Waterwide DF80 available for sale. This unit is most likely from the 1980's.

TEL: 608-935-9119

See links below...

Energy Unlimited

Email: Waterwide DF80 For Sale

Using Stranded Gas for low cost Power for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining

Profitable bitcoin mining focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit. We are developing a Filemaker solution application which allows you to enter in costs to plan before starting your operation for ROI (payback). This includes variables such as miner speed (to figure out puzzle), electricity costs, cooling costs, and other items (many of which you can add as custom components). A typical bitcoin miner will gross about $8 per day. That is before costs such as electricity. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings and fill them with miners).

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Wood Waste Direct Fired into Heat Pipe High Temperature Kiln Heat Source

Firewood Container Dry Kiln and Wood Heat for Drying

The firewood container kiln consists of one or two 40 foot high-cube aluminum shipping containers side by side, or two refrigerated vans (already insulated).

These can be HT (or high temperature) kiln type design since you want to dry the wood (cracking is fine) as fast as possible.

We recommend a direct fired heat pipe (Furnace Type Dry Kiln), Conifer sawdust burner, or Central Boiler which can use your wood waste as the heat source.

The benefits of KD (kiln dried) firewood is reduced drying time, increased customer satisfaction, less creosote when burning, and higher revenue from sales. This allows you to dry into heating season, when other firewood suppliers have run out of inventory.

Container Dry Kiln Information

Global Energy Container Kiln Topics

March 17, 2021

Our new website is live !

We are currently migrating all of the information and adding new content daily.

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Topics for Global Energy Container Kiln

Short articles written by Global Energy for the wood, lumber, poles, firewood kiln drying, kiln drying, wood terms, wood warp, recycled flooring, wood energy, quality control potpourri, softwood conifers, high temperature kilns, equalizing and conditioning, dry kiln business, lumber operation logistics, kiln investment, using shipping containers as dry kilns, dry kiln profit, wood heat options for dry kilns, and return on investment of a dry kiln. Global Energy developed the container kiln concept back in 1990.

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web engine developed to avoid lousy wordpress hassles

Why I Left Wordpress and developed my own Web Page Engine

For the past 6 years I've been using WordPress. Initially, I thought it was super easy to build and maintain websites (I had over six), but then quickly realized it was the big Trojan Horse in the room. Basically, they lure you in with flashy sites, then bog you down with Microsoft-like annoyances (uploading plug-ins to fix basic site user experience problems) and other inherencies. One feature I loved was a mobile upload using a smartphone app. It was great until I found out that images were not rotated properly, and yes, you guessed it, there's a plug-in to fix that. So annoying. It got so bad I found myself spending more time trying to fix the base operability than actually building content.

So I decided to rely on what I know best. And that was FileMaker Database. The essence of FileMaker is to storage and manage data, and replicate success, while eliminating having to do things over and over. I used this basic foundation to write a database which stored all my content (text), links, images, and pdfs and then present them in a logical format based on functionality and good content creation tags presented by the search engine Google (most searches are done from their base). This includes tags they consider important, and leaving out the gobbledygook that is not necessary.

Time savings from not dealing with WordPress issues, image management, and basic user experience were quickly realized. While more time is spent on developing a strategy, the huge time savings by eliminating duplication and confusion quickly bubbled to the top.

Now I can build, modify, and create content quickly and easily. The images and pdfs are contained within the app, so I don't have to worry about managing separate folders of each. Keep your images web friendly at around 300kb and pdf documents the same. If you need huge files, then store them remotely (separately) and link to them for speed. For movies, use Vimeo and YouTube as your storage medium and link or embed them. This not only broadens your exposure to the web for visibility, but allows you to build additional SEO and page ranking. This happens intrinsically when you link back.

The basic premise of the Web Engine strategy is to have a web page, which is comprised of blocks of information (similar in nature to WordPress, but delivered much better). Gone or endless options on text type and size and confusion in WordPress. Each page is part of a group of pages for your website. Blocks comprise the content of that page, also part of a database. Each block has options for text only, image only, text and image, or raw data (in case you want to utilize code which already exists in HTML format). Using any of those options gives you complete control of appearance and delivery.

Gone is the contact page. Instead, why not give interested viewers the ability to contact you from the top and bottom

of the page. I've never understood why it has to be an Easter Egg hunt just to send and email or make a call.

First Principles is the living methodology of Nikola Tesla and Elon Musk. Make it yours. That is, functionality over form (purpose vs. flash).

Who is this type of web strategy good for ? Those who want to delivery a message quickly, efficiently, and those who want to deploy information.

We base the business functionality of this strategy incorporating the QR code. The QR code gives quick link access to information. We recommend you put one on each page, which when printed out (each webpage generated can be printed out on standard format paper), gives the reader the ability to point their smartphone at the code and immediately link up to the page, or to order a part, or to reference a fix, or to buy a product. Instantly. Quickly.

Eliminate manual duplication. With WordPress, there was a time when you could duplicate information. For some reason, that was eliminated (of course, unless you search, find, and activate a plug-in). This means that had to manually work around the issue and take time to duplicate a page, a block, or other information. With Web Engine, duplicating pages or blocks is as simple as clicking a button. Because this is a database, you can export lots of pages, blocks, or other information, and then import them back in as new. Simple. Fast.

Make information handling simple. Any website is basically a information management system. The better you can strategize and have that information automatically organized, gives you the leading edge over your competition. Some of my background is developing equipment and systems, which involve lots of parts. My biggest pet peeve was not being able to just click, buy, and ship. The antiquated dealer network, dealer relationship, quotes, and purchase orders were just a waste of time. Give me information to buy, and let me buy. Save my time so I can go have fun or focus on what I actually enjoy doing. No, I don't need to have lunch with my supplier rep, and develop a relationship with a person just to buy a part. What I want is information quickly, accurately, and the ability to act on it. Streamlined. Efficient.

If you want to empower yourself, your ideas, and your content, consider Web Engine. It's a choice that gives you the freedom to develop, build, maintain, and deliver.

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Global Energy Announces DIY Vacuum Kiln

Global Energy, the inventor of the Container Lumber Dry Kiln, is announcing a DIY pipe and coupling vacuum kiln, to reduce drying time from a month or more, down to 3 days or less. This system uses a simple vacuum pump (you can make your own from parts on McMaster or buy from Amazon), a steel pipe, and standard bolt-on pipe couplings to make a experimental vacuum kiln. Because of the vacuum pressures, we recommend steel pipe, but we are developing a method for large scall drying which is used by the vacuum bagging process developed by the fiberglass and composites industry which is 100 times less in cost than convention vacuum kilns, and less energy intensive.

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Global Energy Container Kiln Topics

Global Energy and Infinity Turbine Ground Power Unit Lithium Powered Hand Cart for 2 kW of Portable Power


Listing of current products and services offered by Global Energy.

Capstone Turbine: We buy and sell microturbines from the C65 to C1000. Capstone Turbine CRMS and Engine Software Information. Capstone Turbine Publications and Information.

Container Kilns: For drying lumber, poles, firewood, and other wood products from 5,000 BF to 15,000 BF. Also HT heat treating.

Container and Van Mounted Crypto Miners: For ASIC and GPU miners mounted in fan cooled and CO2 cooled shipping containers. Mobile and portable.

Ground Power Unit (GPU or APU) for 2 kW of Portable Power from Lithium Ion Batteries.

Waste Heat to Energy: See Infinity Turbine link below.

X Prize: Convert CO2 to products link below.

Electric Ship: See development of a solar powered electric ship below

Consulting and Strategy Services.

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Infinity Turbine: Waste Heat to Energy

SeaMerlin: Mitigating CO2 by harvesting using Cavitation and Gas to Liquids processing

Electric Ship: Development of a Solar Powered AirBNB electric ship

Using a microturbine such as the Capstone Turbine can not only provide on-site remote power, but also peak shaving solutions. The waste heat can be used to produce cooling.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller To Use Waste Heat

Absorption chillers are a great idea for the Infinity Turbine Crypto Mine Shaft.

If you use a Capstone Turbine for stand-alone or peak shaving using the grid, you may use the waste heat to generate cooling for both air radiators, or for liquid cooled solutions. These include individual GPU or Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC).

Absorption chillers have slower response times from the inertia of the lithium bromide solution. The temperature of entering condenser water must be 68 F (20 C) or higher, while electric chillers can handle temperatures down to 55 F.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller

Absorption Chillers for CHP Systems

Infinity miner CO2 closed loop cooling system for GPU, ASIC, and power supply components. Smaller footprint with zero sound.

Work Smarter Not Harder Using CO2 to cool silently with no moving parts

Infinity Turbine LLC has been working with CO2 since 2004, and more recently using phase change supercritical CO2 extraction with our other company, Infinity Supercritical LLC since 2015.

Closed-loop CO2 cooling provides amazing spot cooling which is much more efficient than air, water/glycol, or immersion cooling since it provides great cooling capacity.

The advantages of a CO2 cooling system include reduced footprint, less moving parts, better cooling, less cost, improved ROI, runs silent, and uses less energy. This means that your running costs are reduced which means more profits. It makes you more competitive than everyone else.

Retrofit existing systems: You can retrofit your existing liquid cooled or immersion system with a CO2 cooling source. Simply replace your chiller with a phase change CO2 system.

CO2 phase-change cooling systems are compact and silent.

Infinity Supercritical Phase Change Systems (external link)

Carbon dioxide: sometimes it is a cooling gas, sometimes a warming gas

Why CO2 is the Most Promising Refrigerant in the Cooling Industry

Study on the thermal dissipation performance of GPU cooling system with nanofluid as coolant

Diamond Wire Sawmill for Wood Products

The wood processing saw you've never heard of.

Good for HDPE, wood, rock, concrete, steel pipe, and many hard surfaces.

Advantages of diamond wire sawing include the thin kerf and flexibility to change cutting direc- tions. Advancements in new high speed diamond wire cutting machines have made this process suitable for wood machining.

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ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine

Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution Now Available From Infinity Turbine

Infinity Turbine has developed a Crypto miner solution using shipping containers or trailer vans as the modular facility to house the miners.

The miner app gives you costs, estimated power input and HVAC demands for either a fan cooled, or chiller cooled module (container or van).

The solution uses Filemaker as the base application which can be used on Windows or Mac (purchased directly from Filemaker). There is even FileMaker GO which allows use by iPhone and iPad.

The solution can be used in great detail for costs in the build-out and operational costs. You have unlimited entry options for both.

The solution is $499.00

(support is additional)

See some examples below of the Crypto Miner Analysis ROI Solution using ASIC and GPU miners.

ROI Payback Analysis for Crypto Miners by Infinity Turbine (pdf download)

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Email: Miner ROI App

Filemaker Pro Database Solution

Filemaker Go for iPad and iPhone IOS

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mining Using Stranded Gas

Bitcoin Mining Using Stranded Gas Wells

Can you use stranded gas for low cost power to run Bitcoin mining ? Yes. Profitable bitcoin mining focusses on lower energy costs while increasing efficiencies to reduce costs to gain access to profit.

We are developing a Filemaker solution application which allows you to enter in costs to plan before starting your operation for ROI (payback). This includes variables such as miner speed (to figure out puzzle), cost of stranded gas contracts, internet connection, electricity costs, cooling costs, and other items (many of which you can add as custom components).

A typical bitcoin miner will gross about $8 per day. That is before costs such as electricity. As you can see, trying to make money using this process will involve deploying multiple miners (many buy buildings and fill them with miners).

Tentative pricing on the miner ROI app will be $499 for the basic version, $4999 for the commercial version (which is highly customizable).

News Article: Bitcoin fracking turns waste gas to digital gold in Bakken oil field

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Oil drillers and Bitcoin miners bond over natural gas

How we set up a natural gas well for bitcoin mining

Casper-based startup mines cryptocurrency using stranded natural gas


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Oil Producers: Using your stranded gas to make power Need power ? Need a use for your stranded flare gas heat ? We may have the solution from power generation to Bitcoin Mining... More Info

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FileMaker Software for Renewable Energy Developing database software for the renewable energy industry More Info

CO2 Gas to Liquids On-Demand Production Cart Developing a supercritical CO2 to alcohol on-demand production system (via Nafion reverse fuel cell) More Info

Stranded Gas for low cost power Bitcoin Mining Using stranded gas for generators may provide breakthrough low power costs for cryptocurrency miners. More Info

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