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Need to find a Capstone or other microturbine ? We offer professional vetting services to find you the right system for your project. We can also provide you with an analysis of a used system so you can make an educated purchase decision.

Global Energy provides consulting, Capstone analysis services, and we also buy and sell microturbines.

We have recently revamped our website and have moved it over from WordPress to our own database FileMaker Web Engine, to provide the resources to deliver large amounts of data and information.

Global Energy is also becoming more active in renewable energy and solar powered electric ships. The next moves for Tesla will be aviation and marine applications, so we're taking our knowledge and porting that to the marine transportation industry.

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Why Salt Water may be the Future of Batteries

There’s no shortage of solutions to the world’s need for renewable energy storage, but there is a shortage of accessible and cheap resources to use for those solutions. Lithium and vanadium aren't limitless, so what about regular, run-of-the-mill salt? Redox flow batteries, or RFBs, can exploit the abundance of elements like sodium and iron. One U.S. company already has salt water batteries ready to go, with at least two others developing iron flow variations built to effectively run on rust. They promise to last longer and be far cheaper than the competition. So, what happens if we go with the flow?

Salgenx Website

Undecided with Matt Ferrell

Why Salt Water may be the Future of Batteries

Wood Waste Direct Fired into Heat Pipe High Temperature Kiln Heat Source

Firewood Container Dry Kiln and Wood Heat for Drying

The firewood container kiln consists of one or two 40 foot high-cube aluminum shipping containers side by side, or two refrigerated vans (already insulated).

These can be HT (or high temperature) kiln type design since you want to dry the wood (cracking is fine) as fast as possible.

We recommend a direct fired heat pipe (Furnace Type Dry Kiln), Conifer sawdust burner, or Central Boiler which can use your wood waste as the heat source.

The benefits of KD (kiln dried) firewood is reduced drying time, increased customer satisfaction, less creosote when burning, and higher revenue from sales. This allows you to dry into heating season, when other firewood suppliers have run out of inventory.

Container Dry Kiln Information

Global Energy Container Kiln Topics

Topics for Global Energy Container Kiln

Short articles written by Global Energy for the wood, lumber, poles, firewood kiln drying, kiln drying, wood terms, wood warp, recycled flooring, wood energy, quality control potpourri, softwood conifers, high temperature kilns, equalizing and conditioning, dry kiln business, lumber operation logistics, kiln investment, using shipping containers as dry kilns, dry kiln profit, wood heat options for dry kilns, and return on investment of a dry kiln. Global Energy developed the container kiln concept back in 1990.

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Using a microturbine such as the Capstone Turbine can not only provide on-site remote power, but also peak shaving solutions. The waste heat can be used to produce cooling.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller To Use Waste Heat

Absorption chillers.

If you use a Capstone Turbine for stand-alone or peak shaving using the grid, you may use the waste heat to generate cooling for both air radiators, or for liquid cooled solutions. These include individual GPU or Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Cooling (SLIC).

Absorption chillers have slower response times from the inertia of the lithium bromide solution. The temperature of entering condenser water must be 68 F (20 C) or higher, while electric chillers can handle temperatures down to 55 F.

Capstone Turbine Absorption Chiller

Absorption Chillers for CHP Systems

Diamond Wire Sawmill for Wood Products

The wood processing saw you've never heard of.

Good for HDPE, wood, rock, concrete, steel pipe, and many hard surfaces.

Advantages of diamond wire sawing include the thin kerf and flexibility to change cutting direc- tions. Advancements in new high speed diamond wire cutting machines have made this process suitable for wood machining.

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About Global Energy LLC

Capstone Microturbine: In the past 20 years Global Energy set up the worldwide secondary market for distributed energy (microturbines) focusing on the Capstone Turbine via this Global Microturbine website. Applications: Primary or backup power. Greenhouse or grow operations. Hurricane power. Forest fire backup power when the grid goes down. Waste heat can be used directly for drying hemp, firewood, and lumber in a container kiln. Cogeneration to produce both heat, hot airflow, and power for drying operations.

Global Energy has been selling renewable energy biomass systems (biomass burners, steam turbines, and steam engines) along with lumber/pallet/firewood container mounted dry kilns for the past 30 years.

Container Kiln: Global Energy invented the container kiln in 1991 for dimension lumber, timber frame, poles, pallets, and a novel market of kiln-dried firewood. When incorporating baskets or a drum drier, it can also be used for drying hemp and other botanicals.

Bitcoin and Crypto Miner Cooling: Global Energy and Infinity are now developing closed-loop CO2 cooling systems for ASIC and GPU miners.

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Stranded Gas to Power, Heated Fluid, and Refrigeration

Oil Producers Use your stranded gas heat to generate power, hot water, and refrigeration

Producing oil and flaring gas ? Need to use that heat for something for local or Federal regulations ?

We may have the perfect solution.

A. Solid State Power: Using Thermoelectric Devices (or Thermoelectric Generators TEG), we can convert heat into DC power. That is put through a inverter for 3-phase AC power which you can use directly. These energy harvesters take heat and make power, without any moving parts. Up to 12 percent efficiency and up to 800C heat available (higher temperatures = more cost).

B. Hot Water: Using heat exchangers, convert flare gas or hot producer water to a liquid for use of heat, or cooling.

C. Absorption Chillers: Absorption chillers are often exhaust fired using thermal energy recovered from

D. Zeolites: Zeolites give you the option of 24 hour liquid heating for cooking, water sterilization, or small amounts of hot water for heat. They can be recharged using the heat from your flare gas. The primary advantage of using Zeolites is the ability to have long term latent heat storage, which can be used any time of the day. Zeolites need to be stored in airtight and watertight containers. Zeolites can be recharged with the latent heat using any heat source between 130-250

E. Gas Turbine: The most efficient (up to 29 percent) use of your stranded gas is via a Capstone Turbine with power from 65 kW to 1,000 kW modules, that can be stacked together.

F. Salt Water Flow Battery: Use a flow battery to store both electricity and heat while utilizing your well as a battery.

Please email or call us (TEL: 608-238-6001) for more information, consulting, or equipment costs.

Email: Stranded Gas Solutions for Oil and Gas Producers

Visit Website: Stranded Gas Solutions and Strategies by Infinity Turbine

Salt Water Battery

Biomass Energy Waterwide Solid Fuel Gasifier Using Wood Wastes to Make Heat which can be used for direct fired drying and providing a high grade heat source for ORC biomass organic rankine cycle

Waste Heat to Energy

List of selected waste heat to energy publications.

Waste Heat to Energy is a renewable energy field which deploys technology to utilize industrial, commercial, and home based heat which would otherwise be unused, to make power. Since much of the quality of this heat is low, efficiency to capture and convert to power is also low. This makes the most sense (payback) where utility (grid-based) power rates are at or above $.15 per kwh.

Add the Salgenx salt water battery storage for added savings and USA based tax credits.

Waste Heat to Energy Publications

Modular Block Configuration for Tesla Pump or Tesla Turbine can be used for compressed air or pressurized orc using multiple refrigerant working fluids including CO2

IT Mini Experimenters Kit With Tesla Turbine and Tesla Pump Discs

Infinity has long been promoting building small prototypes and then numbering up to scale up, thereby eliminating most larger to-scale issues. The modular block experimenters kit allows entrepreneurs a gateway to verify development and then provide a methodology to evolve concepts to commercialized products.

The experimenters kit provides multiple Tesla pump and turbine discs (stamped out of steel) which can be stacked on a common shaft for experiments.

Telsa Experimenters Kit

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Caster beam modular bolt together structure

Caster Beam Modular Pre Fabricated Structure

Unlimited Build License: Email for offer

Since 2008 Infinity has been building hundreds of turbine and extraction systems all with metal frames. Instead of relying on welded one-use structures, Infinity devised a system to use bolt together beams which had pre drilled 3 inch access ports and 3/8 inch holes for a bolt together system. Beams also have pre drilled 3/8 bolt patterns for standard 5 inch diameter casters which all fast prototyping carts that hold processing equipment, tables, workbenches, and other structures.

Plans for sale and licensing available.

Caster Beam 24 inch (pdf)

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