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Capstone Turbine: Capstone microturbines used and new surplus for sale listing More Info

Consulting and Strategy Services: Need help with Capstone Turbine, sizing systems, applications, or renewable energy strategy, we are here to assist More Info

Container Lumber Dry Kiln: Since 1991 developing and innovating dry kilns using standard shipping containers More Info

Vacuum Lumber Dry Kiln: Compact fast drying in 3 days or less for small amounts of wood and lumber drying More Info

Technology: Organic Ranking Cycle waste heat to energy uses low grade waste heat to make electricity. More Info

Publications: Capstone Turbine publications for microturbine and distributed energy More Info

FileMaker Software for Renewable Energy Developing database software for the renewable energy industry More Info

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Capstone Turbine New Surplus Used | Dry Kilns | Renewable

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Capstone Turbine C1000 Used Surplus

Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kilns by Global Energy

Vacuum Lumber and Wood Dry Kilns Offer a 3 Day Drying Cycle

Filemaker Database Organization, Applications, and Solutions

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Technology for Microturbines, Renewable Energy and Lumber Dry Kilns

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Capstone Turbine C65 New Surplus

Capstone Turbine Used and New Surplus by Global Energy

Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kilns For Drying Firewood

5,000 BF Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kiln For Quality Lumber

15,000 BF Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kiln For Quality Lumber

Capstone Turbine Dealer Engine Software for Engine and CRMS

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CONTACT TEL: 608-238-6001 Email: greg@globalmicroturbine.com