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Vacuum Lumber and Wood Dry Kilns Offer a 3 Day Drying Cycle

Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kilns For Drying Firewood

5,000 BF Shipping Container Lumber Dry Kiln For Quality Lumber

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Supercritical CO2 Lumber and Wood Dry Kilns Offer a 1 Hour Drying Cycle

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Capstone Turbine and Microturbine: Capstone microturbines used and new surplus for sale listing More Info

Consulting and Strategy Services: Need help with Capstone Turbine, sizing systems, applications, or renewable energy strategy, we are here to assist More Info

Container Lumber Dry Kiln: Since 1991 developing and innovating dry kilns using standard shipping containers More Info

Oil Producers: Using your stranded gas to make power Need power ? Need a use for your stranded flare gas heat ? We may have the solution from power generation to Bitcoin Mining... More Info

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Mining Options for ASIC and GPU: Bitcoin Mining and Cryptocurrency strategies for cheap power production and reducing energy HVAC costs and better CHF efficiency... More Info

Publications: Capstone Turbine publications for microturbine and distributed energy More Info

FileMaker Software for Renewable Energy Developing database software for the renewable energy industry More Info

CO2 Gas to Liquids On-Demand Production Cart Developing a supercritical CO2 to alcohol on-demand production system (via Nafion reverse fuel cell) More Info

Stranded Gas for low cost power Bitcoin Mining Using stranded gas for generators may provide breakthrough low power costs for cryptocurrency miners. More Info

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