C600 Capstone Turbine Available

c600 capstone turbine for sale by global energy

C600 Capstone Turbine Grid Connect For Sale (posted September 10, 2020):

New surplus microturbine. Never used.

Power: Grid connect 480V 3 Phase 50/60 hz selectable. 570 kw nominal power output.

Model 600S-FG4-BU00-0000. Manufactured January 2019. UL listed. Made in USA. Insulation class N. NEMA 3R containerized system.

Applications: Primary or backup power. Greenhouse or grow operations. Hurricane power. Forest fire backup power when the grid goes down. Waste heat can be used directly for drying hemp, firewood, and lumber in a container kiln. Cogeneration to produce both heat, hot airflow, and power for drying operations.

For pricing and information:

TEL (USA +1): 608-238-6001

Contact Email: greg@globalmicroturbine.com

c600 capstone turbine for sale by global energy
C600 nameplate info.

Low pressure natural gas with H2S<5 ppmv. 825 btu/scf to 1276 btu/scf heat value. .25 psig to 5 psig operating pressure. Maintenance logs available with purchase. Recertification (warranty) may be available from Capstone.

c600 capstone turbine for sale by global energy
C600 capstone turbine for sale by global energy

User Manual C1000: https://globalmicroturbine.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/c1000manual.pdf

Rating: 600 kW
Electrical Efficiency LHV: 33%
Combined Heat And Power Efficiency:: Up to 90%
Voltage: 400-480 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Grid Connect
60 Hz,
Electrical Service: 3-Phase, 4-Wire Wye
Width: 3.0 m (117 in)
Depth: 5.8 m (230 in)
Height: 2.9 m (114 in)
Weight: Grid Connect – 11,250 kg (24,800 lbs)
Net Heat Rate LHV: 10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300 BTU/kWh)
Exhaust Temperature: 280 ºC (535ºF)
Exhaust Gas Flow: 4.0 kg/s (8.8 lbm/s)
Compatible Fuels: Natural Gas (low pressure)


Drying Hemp in a Container Kiln Dryer:

Using the Capstone Turbine to dry hemp in combination with a conveyor dryer or drum dryer, expect the following throughput based on 970 btu to evaporate 1 pound of water. The Capstone Turbine exhaust can be mixed with dry outside air to direct heat a hemp dryer. Alternatively, put output into a stainless steel pipe and then use fans to circulate and heat air in dyer. This is in the true sense cogeneration (produce both usable heat and power at the same time). The power can be used to run fans, or exported to the grid for utility buyback (typically more hassle and low buyback rate than it’s worth). Because this is grid connect, you’ll have to have this as a stationary processing system, and bring the hemp to the location like a hub and spoke system.

C600 Net Heat Rate: 10,300 BTU/kWh x 600 kW power = 6,180,000 btu/hr available

Heat Available for Evaporation: 6,180,000 btu/hr available / 970 btu/lb/water evaporation = 6,371.13 lbs water evaporated per hour under standard conditions.

Hemp Production Per Acre Variables: One acre of hemp flower drying to 10 percent moisture content (i.e. removing 90 percent water weight):

500 lbs per acre hemp flower harvest: @ 90 percent evaporate = 450 lbs –> 6,371 lbs water (c600) / 450 lbs = 14 acres per hour

1,000 lbs per acre hemp flower harvest: @ 90 percent evaporate 6,371 lbs water (c600) / 900 lbs = 7 acres

1,500 lbs per acre hemp flower harvest: @ 90 percent evaporate 6,371 lbs water (c600) / 1,350 lbs = 4 acres per hour

2,000 lbs per acre hemp flower harvest: @ 90 percent evaporate 6,371 lbs water (c600) / 1,800 lbs = 3 acres per hour


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