Global Energy Container Dry Kiln

global energy container kiln 5000BF

The Global Energy Container Kiln was developed in 1991, based on using standard shipping containers and truck trailers as innovative DIY kiln chambers for quality hardwood and softwood lumber, timbers, poles, pallets, and firewood. Newer applications include drying hemp for the lucrative botanicals market. 

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With the advent of huge price spikes in 2020 in lumber and kiln-dried lumber, we are now offering plans for our epic container dry kiln system, which we developed in 1991. The system has been copied by lots of groups over the past 30 years (validating its profitability and access to the small commercial sawmill proprietors).

global energy container kiln diagram
global energy container kiln diagram

Order Direct Online via PayPal for the plans:

All plans: $199 For firewood and lumber dry kilns

Firewood Kiln: $99 For one or more 20 to 40 ft hi-cube container or 40 ft+ insulated trailer

5,000 BF Kiln: $99 For one 40 ft hi-cube container or 40 ft+ insulated trailer

15,000 BF Kiln: $99 For (2) 40 ft hi-cube container or (2) 40ft+ insulated trailer




container kiln plans
Sample kiln plans
15000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln
15,000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln
5000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln
5,000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln
Shipping two 20 ft containers
Shipping two 20 ft containers
Shipping two 20 ft containers
Shipping two 20 ft containers
15000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln End View
15,000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln End View
15000 BF Container Kiln Build
15,000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln During Build
15000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln During Build
15,000 BF Global Energy Container Kiln During Build
Heat Pipe Prior Install
Stainless heat pipe prior installation into top of container.

Why kiln dried firewood ? Customers want quality kiln dried firewood, and are willing to pay a premium. Offer your customers premium kiln dried firewood while reducing your inventory and dry time. This on-demand-drying not only reduces your amount of firewood inventory, but allows you to sell well into the heating season when all other seasoned firewood has been sold. Kiln drying firewood allows you to sell your wood for 30-50 percent more per unit volume. Packaging your wood also increases your value added, and if you heat properly, you can label as heat-treated to sell into areas which do not allow bug infested wood (properly heated and dried in a kiln kills the insects). A firewood kiln has a better return on investment than your firewood processor. Heat treating your firewood in a kiln not only kills insects, but dries the wood producing a bright clean colored wood (as opposed to most seasoned wood which is grey and sometimes moldy). The heat treating stamp is available through various organizations and can provide a value-added profit by offering a certified product. Please see the USDA pdf downloaded here:

Reasons to kiln dry firewood:

1.Kills insects

2. Less creosote (cleaner burner and less hazard of chimney fires)

3. Burns longer than seasoned wood

4. Heat treated

5. Less inventory time (dry firewood to dry in days versus months)

6. Produce firewood on demand

7. Able to sell firewood long into the heating season, when traditional seasoned wood is sold-out

Loading a firewood kiln: Wood is loaded randomly into wire baskets and then put into the kiln chamber. If you own a firewood processor, simply convey the wood right into baskets and use a forklift to move around. You can also use a simple rail system for loading. 

Kiln Drying: The container kiln is heated (typically with a wood fired boiler or hot water heater) and fans circulate the hot air around the baskets which contain the wood. Vents exhaust moist air while fresh dry air is allowed in. More heat and airflow = reduced drying time.

Firewood packaging: The best value-added firewood is kiln dried and packaged in a simple stack which can be moved around by a hand truck, or shrink wrapped in plastic for retail sales. Packaged wood sells for 2-3 times more per unit volume than traditional cord-wood sales, and only sightly more to package and deliver (but much easier on your back than stacking wood).

Heat options: There are many ways to heat a dry kiln. While solar is a inexpensive option, it is also the slowest (along with dehumidification). The most common and cost effective is a gas fired on-demand water heater (wall mounted) or wood fired outdoor waterstove.

Direct Fired: Heating a kiln directly can be done with electric resistance heating, a Capstone microturbine with exhaust going directly into the kiln, and solar thermal.

Heat Pipe: Referred to as a furnace type kiln, a gas or wood fired burner is exhausted directly into a 12-24 inch diameter steel pipe, which is mounted downwind of the fans in the upper portion of the kiln chamber. It is a very effective method of a high temperature kiln for drying firewood or southern yellow pine.

Hot Water: The most common and most cost effective method is using a outdoor waterstove and your wood scraps to produce heat. You can also use a on-demand water heater that is gas fired. Water is circulated through hot water radiators downwind of the fans. Our favorite is the log burner or the Central Boiler.

Wood fired burner: 



Furnace Type Kiln from Forest Products Lab: fplr1474

Solar Absorption: solar-absorption

USDA Dry Kiln Publications List: Forest Products Lab Pubs


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