Capstone Turbine C1000 Available Now

Capstone Turbine C1000 No Warranty – 2010 – Needs Turbine Service

Capstone C1000 DM Capstone turbine model 1000R-FD4-BC00. New, less than 27 hours of run time on the engines. Manufactured 2010. Dual mode controller. Located overseas. Missing one engine. Other engines need to be sent back to Capstone for re-warranty work (minimum $150,000+). A C1000 has (5) C200 engines. Looking for offers.

Model Number: 1000R-FD4-BC00
526866-100 Controller, Dual Mode, 24VDC

Originally shipped 9/15/2010.

Low Pressure Natural Gas, Dual Mode (Stand Alone).

Engine Test Hours:
Bay A: 27:11:32
Bay B : 27:46:00
Bay C: 26:54:54
Bay D: 26:59:11
Bay E: 27:05:20

Resources (pdf):

C1000 Specifications: C1000_Spec
​C1000 C200 Tech Ref: 410066C_C200_Tech_Ref
C1000 Manual: C1000Manual
​C1000 Brochure: C1000_HPNG_331044F_lowres
C1000 Product Specification: 460051D_C1000_PS
​C1000 Dimensions: OI-C1000-PKG-REV-D

Pricing: Email


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