Container Kiln Concept and Technology

Container Kiln Concept and Technology

The concept of the Global Container Kiln is to provide an affordable chamber and process to green lumber, timbers, poles, flooring, pallets, and firewood for value-added profits.

Many lumber processors sell their wood green, while the real money in wood products is the kiln drying and secondary processing of the lumber.

Whether if it’s producing kiln dried siding, or log cabin home parts, a dry kiln is needed to stabilize the wood before it can be machined and sold.

The addition of a kiln to heat treat and dry lumber reduces inventory time, kills insects, and gives the customer a premium product that is stable and easily worked.

Huge kilns are expensive and require additional personnel to operate.  Our concept takes the large kiln and reduces it in size to fit inside a shipping container or insulated van.

You do the installation.  A hot water boiler (natural gas, propane, vegetable oil, or wood fired) provides the heat.  Single or three phase motors power the fans to circulate the air, and automated vents dissipate the moisture from inside the kiln to outside.  You can also use your existing building or put up a pre-fab metal building as long as it’s insulated to R-14.

Lumber is dried in a series of stages and the rate of drying is monitored and controlled automatically with a simple controller.

To operate the kiln, you refer to a kiln drying schedule.  The heat is increased incrementally according to that schedule.  The schedule will refer to the moisture content in the wood, which is tested periodically by using a hand-held moisture meter.  When the wood reaches a certain moisture content (according to the species being dried), the next set-point (temperature) is entered manually into the controller.  This is done anywhere from once to six times depending on the wood species.

You can dry down to any moisture content – even condition the wood if you’re going to be machining the wood for furniture or flooring.

The kiln is designed for ease-of-installation and operation, and allows your small business to benefit from the value-added profits that kiln drying has to offer.

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