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• Capstone Has Over 8,000 Units Built And Shipped

• Global has been buying and selling Capstone since 2001

• CHP Combined Heat and Power

• UL, CE and CARB Certified

• Use Exit Heat and CO2 for Legal Cannabis Grow House

• Greenhouse and Grow Operation Power Colorado, Washington and Oregon

• Gas and Oil Well | Producer Water | Flare Gas | Fuel turbines for free power

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• Microturbine Tax Credit (USA Federal Tax Credit)

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• System Monitoring Using Filemaker For iPhone and iPad

• We buy/sell only Capstone Turbine C30 | C65 | C200 | C600 | C800 | C1000

• Learn more about Global Energy and new developments with TriboElectric Tech

Capstone Turbine C30 - New - Dual Mode (Grid Connect and Stand Alone) Natural Gas and Propane - Available Immediately

Capstone Turbine Microturbine Model C30

Capstone C30 Natural Gas


C30, HPNG, DM, INDPKG, DM, INDPKG    New 7592


C30, HPNG, DM, INDPKG, DM, INDPKG    New 7593