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• Capstone Has Over 8,000 Units Built And Shipped

Global has been buying and selling Capstone since 2001

• CHP Combined Heat and Power

• UL, CE and CARB Certified 

• Use Exit Heat and CO2 for Legal Cannabis Grow House

• Greenhouse and Grow Operation Power Colorado, Washington and Oregon

• Gas and Oil Well | Producer Water | Flare Gas | Hot Geothermal

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• Microturbine Tax Credit (USA Federal Tax Credit) Extended until 2021

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• System Monitoring Using Filemaker For iPhone and iPad

• We buy/sell only Capstone Turbine C30 | C65 | C200 | C600 | C800 | C1000

• Learn more about Global Energy and new developments with TriboElectric Tech

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About Global Energy LLC


Global Energy has been selling biomass energy systems (biomass burners, steam turbines, and steam engines) along with lumber/pallet/firewood dry kilns for the past 30 years.


In the past 18 years Global Energy set up the worldwide secondary market for distributed energy (microturbines) focusing on the Capstone Turbine via the Global Microturbine website. We have a full machine shop located in the State of Washington.


Global Energy LLC and Infinity Turbine LLC have teamed up to provide comprehensive power solutions, including developing new power production methods, like TriboElectric Technology.


Waste Heat Power: For years we've been hearing requests from customers who would like to use their waste heat to generate power, both on land and marine applications.  To meet that demand, we formed Infinity Turbine LLC in 2008 and developed the IT10, the worlds first production 10 kw ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) waste heat to power generator. New developments in Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle may allow efficiencies to reach 30-50 percent. This is a huge increase from the legacy ORC process which has a system efficiency (bottoming cycle) of 5-15 percent).


Value: The value in waste heat to power is that it's a free energy source.  The advantages are fuel, or electrical savings, but also displaces fossil fuel electrical production, and hence, reduces CO2 emissions. If you have to pay for your heat source, then ORC doesn’t make economic sense. If you have high-grade heat, consider a topping cycle (Brayton Cycle using Supercritical CO2).


Advantages: The advantages go much further than cost savings.  Waste heat can now be used to produce shaft horsepower, to spin a generator, a pump or other machinery.  The heat can be used many times, including CHP applications such as chillers, desalination, and CO2 harvesting from the ocean (via off-the-shelf membranes) and Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction machines, which can be used for extracting oil from botanicals, regenerating catalysts, and methanol or other alcohol production via the use of catalysts.


Triboelectric Effect: Infinity Turbine is also working on some new remarkable technology called TriboElectric Effect. Currently we have a patent-pending oil separation device that is used in the Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction industry. Commonly referred to as electrostatic precipitation, Infinity discovered a way to passively generate static charge using CO2. This helps to apply a static charge to entrained oil in a gas, which allows it to adhere to the first thing it comes in contact with (collection/filter vessel). Currently, this is commercially available.


Modular Fluid Handling Device: Infinity uses rapid prototyping and development using the patented Modular Block (National Science Foundation quoted as saying it's an Industrial LEGO) allows fast deployment into the market. 


Combining Technologies: To bring the industry up to the current technology, Infinity is blending database, monitoring, smartphone, supercritical technology and green energy together. The result is a better user experience, results and profits.


Full Service Shop: We have a full machine shop with a Omax Waterjet 55100, Haas CNC Vertical Milling Machine VF3-SSYT, Vertical Manual Mill, 3D printer, high pressure stainless steel tubing system fabrication center, and small production line. We can build prototypes and production turbines, housings, rotors, stators, pumps, supercritical CO2 systems, full ORC systems, and bolt together modular frame systems.


Some Projects Since 1985 Include:

- Large Steam Engine Sales and Support

- Waterwide Biomass Burner Sales, Installation and Support

- Containerized Modular Dry Kilns for Lumber, Pallets and Firewood 

- Capstone Microturbine Sales, Service and Support

- Biomass Energy Systems Sales and Support

- Cavitation On Demand Heating 

- ORC Turbine Design, Sales and Support

- Waste Heat to Energy Systems

- Conversion of Marine and Transportation Diesel Engines to Vegetable Oil

- Design of Solar Thermal Panels

- Non-conventional Fuel Tax Credits (old IRS Section 29 USA Federal Tax Credits)

- Design of Compact Corn Pellet Burner/Boiler and Steam Engine Generator for Farms

- ORC Publications On CD Rom and Download

- Gas and Liquid Processing Blocks

- CO2 Catalysts For Direct Conversion from Gas to Liquid Methanol and Butanol

- SDR - Spinning Disc Reactors Technology

- Supercritical CO2 Energy Systems

- Supercritical CO2 Fuild Extraction Technology

- Vortex Tubes Design and Technology

- Peltier Cell Solid State Chiller

- Modular Beam Frame Building System

- 3D Plastic Printer Technology

- 3D Metal Printer Technology

- Fast Prototyping and Design

Modular Block
Infinity Supercritical Patents for CO2 Extraction
Modular Block for CO2 Gas and Liquid Processing